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Scandinavian Airlines Uses Nomadic's Portable Display in Opening Ceremony

by Nomadic Display 26. January 2015 14:04

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was one of the first to take up residence in Heathrow’s original Terminal 2 back in 1955. The new and improved Terminal 2 — dubbed The Queen’s Terminal in honor of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II — opened for business last month. One of SAS’s most important routes is in and out of London. To celebrate their first day of service from the new terminal, SAS hosted a retro-themed Opening Day celebration. 

In addition to invaluable exposure to travelers at the new terminal, SAS planned to cultivate brand loyalty among its passengers with prizes, promote the heritage of their brand, generate press coverage, and add new social media followers. For the event, Nomadic Display designed and produced a portable display solution with bright graphics representing the airline’s transition over the past 59 years.

Retired Air Purser Laila Hakonsen wearing uniform circa 1971-1983 designed by Carven of Paris 

“We received nice compliments on the stands from Nomadic Display which worked very well, and were so easy to assemble!” said William Reed, Scandinavian Airlines’ Director of Marketing for the Western European Region. 

Nomadic Display has provided businesses around the world with captivating displays solutions for their event marketing programmess. Pop-up displays, banner stands, and portable counters are compact, lightweight, easy to set-up and can be configured in many ways to meet the demands of your event space. Whether you need to stage a showroom, a visitor center, a museum, or an airport terminal, Nomadic Display has the solution for you.


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Optimizing Your Exhibition Stand with Technology

by Nomadic Display 27. October 2014 15:51

Consumer technology has moved on at an ever-growing pace over the last few decades. These days it is possible to control your heating from your phone, pause live TV and instantly connect with celebrities on social media.

However this new technology hasn’t always spilled over into trade show displays, many of which are still largely the same as they were five years ago. This is a real shame because modern technology presents all manner of opportunities to maximize the results of your exhibition stand.

Just a few of these potential benefits can include:

Social media and other forms of digital communication can enable you to connect with potential leads before a trade show even commences. In this way you’ll have list of warm prospects who are keen to speak to you on the day of the show.

Gathering leads is a key aspect of many trade show exhibitions and technology can make this easier too. Touch-technology, instant messaging and social networking all make it easier than ever before to gather contact details from exhibition attendees.

Technology can help you to demonstrate even complex products, to show testimonials and case studies and otherwise engage an audience who otherwise might pass straight on by your booth.

Staying “front of mind” helps you to ensure that your company is the first that your leads think of when they need a solution that you offer. Increasingly sophisticated tools make it easier to maintain contact with your prospects after a show without making them feel “claustrophobic” and ensures that your messages arrive at optimal times.

To help illustrate some key ways in which technology can help to increase the results you get from your exhibition stand we opted to put together an instructional image. You are more than welcome to download the graphic for your own use, and can even publish it on your own website – so long as you credit us for the design.

If you opt to add our infographic to your site, for ease we have included an embed code at the end of this article. Simply copy it and paste it into your site to instantly display our image.


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Social Media Tips for Exhibitions and Events

by Nomadic Display 7. October 2014 19:55

Social Media can be a key role in your Exhibition and Event Marketing.  To improve your exhibition experience, use it before, during and after your showand cover as many social platforms as possible such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

It enables your visitors to gain access to real time information about what’s new and what’s on at the exhibition, it means they can put you on their must-see list and also network with other visitors at the show.

Before the Show 

It’s critical to plan ahead!  Integrate your social media plan in to your exhibition marketing strategy from the outset. Get your staff involved using hashtags, blogs and online communities to build excitement around the exhibition.

A successful plan should incorporate:

  • A timeline  for dates and content for each post. Who is going to initiate it and how they are planning to keep the audience engaged, and help visitors connect to social media channels.
  • Event pages to promote your participation at shows.
  • Set clear guidelines for staff who are posting – decide what is appropriate.
  • Join groups and register as an exhibitor on Apps created by your show organisers.

During the Show 

It’s important to carry on with your social media during the show as visitors will inevitably be Facebooking, tweeting and Instagramming in real time, and you should be too!

Assign someone to check-in on social media channels every so often to keep an eye on messages and respond.

Encourage fans and followers to check-in and receive a reward, possibly something they can collect at your stand.

Post photos of your stand at the exhibition or event, or video footage of people visiting your stand. 

After the Show 

Just as you thinks it’s over… it doesn’t end when the exhibition closes!  The great thing about social media, if you have done the first two step right is that you can continue to promote to your visitors after the show.

You could Blog the highlights and send this out to all your social media platforms. Talk about your experience of the whole show.

Keep the conversation going, even to those who didn’t attend.

Stand out from the crowd. Make yourself known, before the show and you will have more success driving more traffic to your stand at the show. And more traffic means more business opportunities!. 

Reveal more tips, tricks and ideas with our guide to Social Media for Trade Shows and Events


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Meet our Client Drink Me Chai and Bubble Froot

by Nomadic Display 11. August 2014 17:52

Drink me Chai needed a stand that could be flexible to fit into spaces as diverse as a 2 x 2m for ‘foodie’ shows up to 5 x 4 m spaces at International trade shows.

In addition, they needed space to display their products and a convenient place to hide a fridge. They also needed space for consumables like cups and stirrers and counter space to serve their products from. Plus there were also 2 distinct brands – Drink Me Chai and Bubble Froot.

The  Nomadic  Design team came up with the solution using Nomadic Display’s tried and tested Instand pop-up range for the back wall displays, with built in product showcases.  They also incorporated the Nomadic hard-panel suite of products to create tailor made counters that would be solid and secure to serve from and have the ability to store products and hide a fridge.

“From the first meeting with Nomadic I have found them very easy to work with. We have been with Nomadic now for a few years, and I love working with all their staff! When I turn up to an event, I know that Nomadic will be there taking care of everything, I never worry and know that my stand always looks brilliant and polished! All Nomadic staff are always ready to help with anything, and help me with any boxes I am unloading and never leave until I am satisfied, despite having to drive from London to Birmingham afterwards late afternoon!  I believe every customer is taken care of with the best results!”  Louise Knott – Drink Me Chai 

Choosing Your Exhibition Stand Supplier

by Nomadic Display 21. July 2014 14:37

It’s never an easy decision! Once you have picked your exhibition and signed up to your stand space, the next and most important step is to stand out from the crowd!  Deciding which stand designer will really work hard for your brand is not an easy decision. In a perfect world the organisation you pick won't work for you, but with you and help guide you through the whole process all the way. 

The principal thing you need to do before actually searching for a display stand designer is to outline what you expect, need and need from them.  There will also be things they need from you so refer to our blog post What Your Exhibition Designer needs from you!  

This will help you put together a briefing document that you can provide to your chosen companies.  Make sure you give as much detail as possible including budget guidelines to ensure you receive back plausible designs.  Remember not all suppliers will offer the same service and warranties so make sure you check this out early on in your search.  It’s also worth thinking about whether you want your stand design to offer flexibility and scalability for future exhibitions and events, mentioning this early on could save you money in the future.

So you are now at the stage where you will be receiving something back, but how do you choose?  Did the exhibition company ask you any question in order to really understand your requirements?  Did they address all of the items you entered in your brief? Did they come up with any ideas that you hadn’t thought of? Could you understand the way the information was presented?  If your answer is yes, then they are worth putting into your short list.

Making your final decision from here should be easier, this is the time to get more detailed information or clarification on any of your concerns.  Feeling comfortable to ask questions and feel you are getting the right answers is so important.  Think about the services they offer and how they will help you have a stress free show.  Think about future exhibitions and how they may be able to help you re-purpose your display keeping future costs down.


How Do You Measure Your Success At An Exhibition?

by Nomadic Display 2. July 2014 17:48

The idea of success means a different things to different people, as does measuring it!

So as an exhibitor how do you measure whether your exhibition or event has been successful?  Is it just from numbers of leads and sales generated or do you take in to account other factors such as brand awareness?

We are often asked how to measure success and how to build on that success for future exhibitions. We think there are a set of simple rules:

Setting your objectives
Before you do anything else you need to establish clear objectives. Here are ten key objective areas:

1. Leads
2. Orders
3. Database
4. Market research
5. Brand profile
6. Demonstrations
7. Enhance relationships
8. Educate clients
9. Press coverage
10. Meet press

Your show objectives are likely to be a handful of these. And as you know objectives must be measurable and achievable. So:
• If you are collecting leads then how many are you aiming for? You need to set realistic and achievable goals
• If you have a new story to tell and want to get coverage in the press, what press and how many articles are you in aiming for?

Make sure everyone in your company or in the least the relevant staff know what you are trying to achieve by doing the show. Early buy in will help maximise the input from others and keep everyone focussed on the goals.



Check Out Cistermiser's Cool Exhibition stand

by Nomadic Display 18. June 2014 21:52

Cistermiser have been manufacturing a range of water-efficient washroom products and solutions for over 30 years.

Richard Bolton, Brand and Product Manager for Cistermiser told us;

“In a previous role (with another company) I used Nomadic for years, so knew from experience what great customer service they provide. They have never let me down, always do what is asked, on time, on budget with no hassle at all; delivering a quality product with superb efficiency. When I joined Cistermiser it was one of the easiest decisions to bring Nomadic with me.”

Cistermiser for years had been enduring uninspiring stands in ‘shell scheme’ confines. Their broad product range that was under-represented, poorly displayed and easily overlooked. What they wanted was to break out from the shell scheme and make a much greater impact in the exhibition hall; to really stand out and make clear the scope of their offering, coupled with high brand visibility.

This had to be achieved with a tight budget and an even tighter timescale to make their first booked event. The stand had to be flexible and  ‘modular ‘ to allow differing product ranges to be pick and mixed , depending on market sector / audience. The final challenge was that the stand frame had to be able to be ‘re-skinned’ in three different brand identities.

Richard stated “What we were looking for was maximum flexibility, with a great presence, plus the practicalities of portability and minimal storage space.” 

After discussing their requirements with a Nomadic Display Consultant, we provided a range of previous actual examples for Cistermiser to view.  They felt being able to see this ‘back catalogue’ of actual stands (rather than relying on sketches or basic renders) allowed them to easily focus on what they needed and liked but, importantly, caught their eye, therefore being able to make decisions to move the project on at the pace needed to hit their deadline.

The solution was found  using Nomadic’s Instand  quick to build Pop up system. It featured a central section with added height to give extra impact  from a distance along with purpose built individual product displays and integrated product headers with rear LED Lighting.

“Nomadic took our brief and supplied a design concept with speed : The subsequent stand design concepts needed very little tweaking to get to a final design and the entire turnaround time (from a concept sketch to a completed stand, on display under the lights at Alexandra Palace) took less than 5 working days. Truly impressive stuff.”

“The stand was met with great acclaim and exceeded all our expectations. The clever design and use of modern illumination elements made the stand really stand out in a busy expo hall. Many visitors to the stand came over just to see what was being offered as we stood out so strongly.”

“Staff feedback commented that customers could easily comprehend the full Cistermiser range, while staff found it just was easy to talk through products and options naturally. The show generated a notable increase in business inquiries and we are ramping up our show schedule off the back of this success.” Richard Bolton, Brand and Product Manager, Cistermiser.


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Meet Our Fabulous New Client AngelBerry

by Nomadic Display 20. May 2014 19:35

AngelBerry, a new experience in Frozen Yoghurt.  With 7 trade shows planned this year, across 4 continents they needed a lightweight, bold and practical stand  to fly across the globe. The stand had to fold away onto one pallet, be easy to assemble and incorporate their frozen yogurt machine, a desk and a shelving unit within it.

AngelBerry, a rapidly growing company, felt that exhibitions were a great way of exposing their brand and getting new franchisees on board.

After a consultation with Nomadic Display, the Nomadic Design Team designed a structure built from 3 Nomadic Instand pop up frames which would give the stand architecture while allowing them to re- use the frames independently at smaller future shows or add to them at larger shows. 

Once AngelBerry’s graphic design was added, it created high visual impact to the whole structure.  An extended height header was added for maximum branding along with cut outs of frozen yoghurt pots, all lit up with colour matched LED lights.  In addition, contained within the framework was a product showcase with down lighters which enable products to be merchandised in a neat and professional way. 

“Nomadic Display have truly created an award winning stand for us!  Winning best in class (3x3m) and 3rd overall during our 2nd trade show was a real boost!  Nomadic were a pleasure to work even though we had a very tight timeframe  (10 days) and the stand has been a great success and the team have really enjoyed working on the stand”. JAMES TAYLOR,  Co-founder and COO AngelBerry


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Nomadic Wins Two Awards at Exhibitor 2014 for Newest Exhibit Innovation

by Nomadic Display 22. April 2014 18:31

Exhibitor2014 is the trade show for trade show and corporate event marketing professionals. The 25th annual conference offered 160 education sessions, an expanded exhibition hall and an inaugural Awards Night.

We debuted our newest exhibition innovation, the DesignLine® Wall System, with an exhibition display design that gained rave reviews from attendees. Visitors responded with delight to our brightly coloured graphics and variety of lighting options including backlit walls, LED colour changing downlights and whimsical accent lighting.

The display was so well received we generated an increment of 65% more visitors.

Floor to ceiling fabric graphics featured face-to-face conversations about what marketers need from their exhibition supplier. Exhibition marketers adjust their projects to meet their business changes, often with limited resources. Our presentation was designed to illustrate how Nomadic helps exhibitors transform change into new opportunities with modular displays that adapt to fit another utilisation or circumstance.

Exhibitor hosted a gala Awards Night to present 2014 awards for exhibition excellence to winners at a dinner and ceremony. The Walton County Tourist Development Council exhibit received not one but TWO awards! Designed by Zehnder and Synergy Design Group, we produced the custom modular stand with our new DesignLine Wall System. A juried panel selected it to receive the Best 3x3 display award. By popular vote, it also received the People’s Choice award. Our sincerest thanks to everyone to voted!

Luz Lobos, President, Synergy Design Group 

Pat Goeke, President, Nomadic Display

Exhibitions As Art Can Imitate Life

by Nomadic Display 18. March 2014 18:21

In the midst of one of this year’s biggest snow storms on the east coast, came a breath of spring in the form of an exhibition. Walking through the entrance to the 185th Philadelphia Flower Show was AWESOME.  While that word can be cliché, in this case it’s the only word that adequately described the vision before me.

This year’s show was entitled “ARTiculture” and promised visitors a rare opportunity to experience a unique blend of art and horticulture. Many of displays were designed to celebrate the paintings and sculptures of artists including Alexander Calder, Michelangelo, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, da Vinci and Dali.

All of the exhibits on display were made of fresh and dried flowers, grasses and other organic materials, creating remarkable illusions like this sushi buffet.

Daring displays of artistry featured dazzling colours infused with the scent of fresh flowers.

Crowds walked through the exhibition galleries admiring the wide variety of creative installations and masterful arrangements.

Since most exhibition displays don’t possess an alluring scent, maybe the next best thing is graphics that make you think it does.


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