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Meet Our Client SmileyWorld

by Nomadic Display 12. April 2016 17:59

Our client SmileyWorld has been exhibiting at the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair, with products across a range of categories of FMCG, toys, stationery, apparel and delicious food, SmileyWorld are a perfect partner to spread happiness through thousands of items!

Nomadic Display have been working with Smiley for a couple of years now, both in the UK and US and have created a truly flexible and modular design.  By using our Instand Product range, we have enabled SmileyWorld to use the same hardware for all their events and just create new graphics for each event, but at the same time creating truly individual stands each time.


"We truly appreciate your help with making these designs possible." Sandra Nistor, SmileyWorld

How To Use Lighting To Attract Show Traffic

by Nomadic Display 3. February 2016 19:47

Ever wonder why humans are attracted to light? It’s actually an unconscious response mechanism rooted in instinct. Light enables us to see better which improves our ability to find food and shelter to survive. Our natural attraction to light is a key reason why BrightWall backlit displays and graphics are so powerful at drawing our attention. Unfortunately the expense and installation complexity often put them out of reach for many marketers….until now. 

With the recent introduction of new BrightWall backlit tension fabric displays, Nomadic has created a series of portable display solutions that are both easy on your wallet and easy to use.

This 3m BrightWall backlit display packs into just one RollOne Case, with a counter conversion, that ships via courier!

Backlighting is Brilliant

Backlighting is the hottest trend in exhibition design. BrightWall backlit displays enchant, engage and energise audiences because they stand out in a crowded hall. Seamless edge-to-edge imagery lit by true white LEDs boosts overall graphic impact. These displays can be backlit on both sides by simply connecting two frames back-to-back. 

Assembly is Tool Free

It’s so easy, anyone can set up a BrightWall backlit display:

  • Lights are pre-installed in the frame channel for protection during transit and speed set-up.
  • Frame sections glide together and tighten with thumb screws.
  • The SEG (silicone edge gasket) fabric graphic panel is pressed into the channel of the frame perimeter.
  • The liner attaches to the backside with Velcro™

Saves Money by Reducing Costs 

  • BrightWall backlit exhibition displays help reduce your exhibition marketing expenses 5 ways.
  • Nomadic’s custom tailored fabric graphics cost less than photomurals.
  • Fabric graphics are more durable and machine washable to last longer.
  • LED lights use less energy and last up to 10,000 hours.
  • BrightWall backlit display ship in just one RollCase Case that converts into a counter.
  • Our RollOne Case ships UPS and FedEx.

Quality Guaranteed After-the-Sale

While many exhibitors are satisfied with the service they receive before and during the sale, yet Nomadic ensures customer needs will be met after-the-sale. Light module replacements easily snap into place if damaged in the field. Every backlit tension fabric display is backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty. 


A Roadmap To Your Next Exhibition Display

by Nomadic Display 19. January 2016 17:37

So it’s time to get a new exhibit. Like buying a car, the thought may illicit emotions ranging from delightful excitement to sheer panic. As buyers, our satisfaction with a purchase experience can be based on a variety of factors from personnel to the process and ultimately the product itself. For me as a consumer, it starts with one simple question... was it what I expected? 

Great customer service is about making and keeping promises. We believe our customers are best served by knowing what to expect. So we created an infographic map of the buying journey for our customers. It starts with the initial research phase and charts the path all the way through to the follow-up after-the-sale. 

If you are a first-time buyer, you may pick up a few pointers on what awaits you. If you’re a veteran buyer, you may find value in comparing it to your experience. Download the infographic for your own use and feel free to share it with coworkers and colleagues.


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Developing New Business at International Exhibitions

by Nomadic Display 10. November 2015 15:26

Many companies today are reaching beyond their native borders to develop new business opportunities. Whether the goal is to build a global brand, increase revenue, expand distribution, or establish operations, exhibition and trade shows are one of the best ways to introduce your company to a new market. The following key points should be beneficial to exploring international trade shows. 

Find the right event. There are a number of searchable trade show directories online that enable you to research trade shows by country, industry, search term, and dates.  Your exhibition display supplier should be able to help you screen appropriate trade shows based on your specific goals. 

Do your research. Learn as much as you can about international exhibiting in general and specifically in your target markets. You will find lots of information on the web. 

A new book "Trade Shows from One Country to the Next" offers fascinating insights into trade show marketing in 45 countries. Author Larry Kulchawik has over 40 years of experience in the international trade show arena. His book focuses on venues, regulations, exhibit architecture, cultural differences, behavioral adjustments and communication skills needed to successfully market products and services at trade shows in foreign countries. Order a copy of his comprehensive guide at Amazon.co.uk 

Select an experienced partner. You will want to work with an organisation that has experience in your target market. Ideally the organisation you choose will have operations located in your target market. Nomadic Display has offices in major markets in the US and Europe that offer display fabrication, exhibition rentals, graphics, and show services. We produce from the location closest to our clients’ exhibition destination to reduce time and expense. If you plan to work with an independent consultant, be sure to ask for client references to verify their experience. 

Design for a different audience. Your trade show display needs to engage an audience of a different culture. That requires an understanding of the style, colours, language, on-stand activities, and more that will drive the optimal trade show display design. To effectively collaborate at your exhibition design 'kick off' meeting bring show specific regulations, a floor plan denoting your space on it and a design brief that includes your research into your target market. 

For more tips on international exhibiting, go to Resources.

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5 Tips for Better Exhibition Results

by Nomadic Display 22. September 2015 18:36

Exhibiting at an exhibition can be one of the quickest and most exciting ways to grow new business opportunities. I frequently hear stories of companies that are successful at generating new business activity through trade show marketing. On the other hand I also hear about companies that exhibit with disappointing results. So the obvious question is what are these exhibitors doing differently? 

The answer is often “you get out of it what you put into it”. Here are 5 points we can learn from the successful exhibitors that you can employ to maximise every opportunity at a trade show or event. 

Promote Your Presence 

While pre-show campaigns vary from exhibitor to exhibitor, the goal is the same - to contact as many attendees as possible and drive traffic to your stand.  You need multiple touch points to reach today’s time pressured attendees.  A typical pre-show campaign consists of combination of tactics from print ads, direct mail, press releases, online ads, and emails to telemarketing, social media, sponsorships and promotions. 

Make Room for Business 

In a recent study, exhibitors cited stand layout as one of the top three factors that improved their show results. Specifically they noted more entry points, more open space and less clutter. 

An open floor plan helps to create an approachable atmosphere. Current exhibition design trends combine open space, architectural simplicity and light colour palettes to create a fresh, modern environment. Open floor plans also reduce barriers to entry and facilitate circulation within your space. As a general rule you want at least 60% of the frontage open and at least 60% of the floor space unoccupied. 

If you plan to have a theatre-style presentation, hands-on demonstrations, or private meetings, make sure you book a space big enough to accommodate them. 

Approach All Attendees 

Visitors are people genuinely interested in learning about new products, industry trends, and how-to solutions for their top of mind concerns. Some visitors will approach your stand and easily cross into your space. Others will stroll briskly past focusing on something like their phone to avoid eye contact. More visitors will pause and look as they make their way down the aisle. Any or all of them may have questions they’d like to ask but don’t dare to start the conversation themselves. 

The concept of approaching people out of the blue and instigating a conversation may feel uncomfortable. Yet your staff needs to be proactive about stepping into the aisles and approaching all visitors. 

Here’s why. By starting the conversation, your staff instantly puts the visitor at ease. Your team should think of themselves as hosts and every passerby as a new guest. When a visitor feels welcome they are naturally more open to learning what you have to offer. All it takes is asking an open ended question to break the ice and start building rapport. 

Not only will you collect more leads, more importantly, you’ll increase the chances of making the sale too.  People remember people: their attitudes; behaviour, appearance and knowledge, often before they remember the company name. 

Stimulate Visitor Senses 

Visitors are flooded by stimuli when they enter a show - lights, colours, noise, and crowds. It takes a visitor seconds to walk by and sum up whether or not to stop at your display. Ask yourself what you would stop for. Your attraction may involve more than one of the five senses: 

Sight – Visitors may recognise your brand or be intrigued by what they see on your stand: Dazzling backlit graphics, big screen video presentations, product demonstrations or live presentations. 

Sound – Visitors are attracted to sounds emanating from your display whether its music, a presenter’s voice, or visitors laughter as they play an on-stand game. 

Smell – It’s the strongest sense for triggering associations and memories. Good smells such as fresh coffee or familiar food scents like popcorn can reach out to visitors and lure them in from the aisles. 

Taste - Offer light refreshments to entice visitors. It may help lengthen the duration of their visit. 

Touch – Entice visitors with a tactile experience, the opportunity for true hands-on interaction. 

Give Promotions that Offer Value 

The right giveaway can promote your brand for months after the show. The best giveaways offer true value. 

Another very powerful technique is to extend an offer only for visitors to your stand. You can use a discount or value add approach. Create a show special package with a discount price or give out a one-time promotion code to apply to an online purchase. Alternatively you could offer a free upgrade or a bogof (buy-one-get-one-free). Be sure the offer is available for a limited time only so recipients have a sense of urgency to act. If there is enough interest but the time frame is too short you can always extend the deadline. 


NEW Introducing FabLite Tension Fabric Display -Our Lightest Stand Yet!

by Nomadic Display 13. July 2015 15:24

Nomadic Display’s newest, most affordable tension fabric display - FabLite™ — is available as a table top display, and in 3m and 6m backwall sizes.

Vivid Graphics 

Each fabric graphic is custom-tailored to fit. The printed front side is sewn together with a black liner for opacity. Nomadic’s dye sublimation-printed fabric graphics are wrinkle-resistant, durable, and completely washable. 

Compact & Lightweight 

Each 3m FabLite portable display packs to ship in its own duffel bag, and weighs under 10kg.  

For a large-and-in-charge display that really stands out, connect two 3m FabLite tension fabric displays, and presto, you’re ready to show! The 6m portable display packs neatly in a single RollOne case with a set of lights and a premium counter conversion kit.

Easy to Set Up 

FabLite assembles in minutes. Tube frame sections are bungeed together to quickly connect. Simply pull the graphic “pillowcase” down over the frame, and zip it closed. 

Lifetime Warranty 

FabLite aluminium frames are covered for a lifetime of ownership. Should any aluminium structure fail to function due to defective materials or workmanship, Nomadic Display will repair or replace it free-of-charge, for life. 


English Seafood At The European Seafood Exposition

by Nomadic Display 17. June 2015 17:55

English Seafood exhibited at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels held annually in April.

Seafood Exposition is the world’s largest seafood trade event, and is a great opportunity for English Seafood to connect with buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood professionals from all over the world.

English Seafood wanted a stand under the umbrella branding of English seafood, where English companies could meet and great clients and have business meetings either in at an informal bar table or in and enclosed meeting room.

The stand was made up of Nomadic existing frames from one of the English representative companies, along with frames from Nomadic hire stock, reconfigured and covered in a new set of universal graphics for this specific event.  This enabled to keep costs down and shows the true flexibility and re-useability of the Nomadic Instand system.

David Robinson, Economic Development Officer said, “ We have managed a stock of nomadic equipment for many years as part of our marketing activity to promote North East Lincolnshire’s key industrial sectors and investment opportunities at trade shows in the UK, Europe and around the world. One of our key clusters is the seafood sector and as such we have exhibited the Grimsby seafood cluster at the Brussels show since it first started. However, 2015 proved a significant year as we produced an English Seafood stand for the first time. The new English Seafood brand was extremely well received and the design and build of the stand managed by Rob and Richard at Nomadic proved as straight forward as always.

Meet Our Client The Soap Story

by Nomadic Display 21. April 2015 14:30

The Soap Story decided to exhibit at Spring Fair International – the most vital buying event in any retailer’s calendar.  Visitors discover exciting UK and international designers and exhibitors, source the latest products from new and popular brands whilst keeping up with the latest trends.

The Soap Story have developed a fun, fruity and delectably delicious range of shower, bath body and soap products allowing a sweet treat without the calories.

They needed a simple and budget conscious solution for their 5mx2.5m space at The Spring Fair at the NEC that would present their wide range of products in an elegant fashion that was in keeping with their strong brand image.  

Nomadic designed a bespoke rental solution that included seven integrated product showcases with acrylic shelves and halogen down lighting.

These highlighted the range while allowing a large graphic area for their unique branding.

A large branded counter at the front of the space acted as a greeting point for the stand whilst also a handy storage area.

“The stand worked very well in terms of replicating a retail environment where the clients could see the products as they would be on the shelf of their own stores.  Being able to bespoke elements of the Nomadic units allowed us to showcase the colour and vibrancy of our fantastic range of products. We were delighted with the results and lots of people commented on how well the stand looked!” Simon Waring, Business Development Manager, Nectar International Ltd & The Soap Story.

Don't Forget To Train Your Stand Staff

by Nomadic Display 17. March 2015 16:10

Remember your exhibition stand staff are your company ambassadors.  If you train and incentivise them there is more chance they will deliver. First think about how your choose your staff.

Each member of your team should have:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Positive attitude 
  • Professionalism 
  • Eagerness 
  • Energy 
  • Determination 
  • Resilience 

Consider members of staff outside your sales team!

Make sure you choose your people carefully and train them effectively.  Make sure they are aware of your objectives for the exhibition and what you hope to achieve.  Make sure you train them, set targets and incentivise them on results.

The communication with visitors starts away from the stand, you only have 3 second to grab attention.  Hopefully your stand design will help you do this but your stand staff are crucial to your success.  We all know exhibitions are a big part of any marketing budget and after spending time and money promoting your participation, you will need to make syre your stand staff deliver on the day!  On the morning of the show make sure you set aside time to do a pre show briefing and remidn then of your strategy, reason and objectives for exhibiting at the show.  Make sure they are clear on the following:

  • Demonstrations/presentations to be given on the stand
  • Explain the design of the stand including the graphics 
  • Explanation how you want data and information to be captured 
  • Explanation of any competitions, giveaways or incentives  
  • Make the stand dress code VERY clear before they arrive
  • A list of all the stand staff including a staff rota and scheduled breaks  - it’s really important to have regular breaks
  • Subsistence, accommodation and transport arrangements 

So once you have provided them with all this information – help them with some conversation starters to ensure they are able to approach and then engage with visitors. It is also important that they understand how to secure the conversation and come away with a positive next step. They need to:

  • Capture all the necessary details 
  • Record information correctly and legibly 
  • Secure agreement to a follow up action 

Securing means the action is confirmed, understood and agreed by both parties and that there is a commitment to a time frame for: 

  •  Visit (you to them) 
  •  Visit (them to you) 
  •  Telephone contact 
  •  Email contact 
  •  Send literature/quote/sample/testimonials etc. 

It is important that the commitment is met so be sure to under promise and over deliver. 

Finally, your staff should always thank the visitor for taking the time to talk to them. 

Meet our Client The Motor Sport Asscioation (MSA)

by Nomadic Display 24. February 2015 20:06

It’s always fantastic to win a pitch against 3 other companies – especially when you’ve been the incumbent supplier for the last 6 years.  

Working with the Motor Sports Association (MSA) is always an honour for us and we work closely together with a key strategic mission in mind of how to best use the space that most suits the client and its visitors to achieve maximum results.

The stand was positioned at the entrance to the venue, taking this we designed a stand that was open and acted like a funnel – the science behind this is that once on the stand you could easily manage the footfall with direction and without out interference – this meant sweeping graphics and two long meeting desks. 

The next key area was how the information was displayed.  Nomadic created the graphics with the full intent to supply enough content that even if you wanted to just pass through, you were comfortable enough to glean the information needed and still have the MSA experience.  We also had the bonus of introducing 3 vehicles to the installation, again portraying the MSA to its full potential.

Allan Dean-Lewis kindly offered to provide his experience of this project…

As the UK National Governing Body for four wheeled motor sport, affiliated to the FIA as the World governing body, the Autosport International Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham is an important front window for ourselves and our sport – and the only exhibition where we have a significant attendance each year.

We started dealing with Nomadic back in 2008, when our ‘pole position’ stand just inside the front entrance of the exhibition was a lot smaller then it subsequently grew to, but they proved from day one to be an easy company to deal with from both a design and cost angle, with any issues pre-event being dealt with promptly and efficiently and always accurately reflecting our needs. In the first year, one of the main  benefits to us (apart from a quick build capability on set-up day) was that at the end of the show we just walked away and left everything – our previous suppliers insisted we stayed on stand to do the handover, often an hour or more after the show had closed.

Since those early days, Nomadic have helped us to review our design matched to our needs on an annual basis, sometimes even saving money the following year, and their quality of imagery has gone from good to better to excellent, which is now a major enhancing feature of our stand.

And what do they say about size matters?  Well it doesn’t seem so for Nomadic.  Whether it was our first stand area, or the three times larger mid-term one, or the six times larger one used in 2015 for the first time, they have always come up with a structure that is fit for purpose, whether pop-up, soft sided, solid panelled or whatever.  I have thought once or twice that we are at the limit of an existing design and structure only for Nomadic themselves to come up with a better solution for the following year.  We also first engaged with Nomadic on a hire basis for the stand, but now over 6 years down the line we negotiated a purchase of the existing stand at a price which not only kept our Finance Director happy (quite a difficult challenge for most Finance Directors I am told) but also gives us continuity for probably at least 3 years, with just embellishments and updates to further improve year on year, which I know the team at Nomadic will help us with.

I would add that we are just a satisfied customer with Nomadic and have no other connection with them, and also we have regularly benchmarked them against other suppliers (as we did during 2014).  It was to their credit that they trumped the others that we consulted with and gave us a workable basis on which we can continue our engagement for at least another 3 years.  So they haven’t won and kept our business easily, but they have worked hard enough to earn it and keep it.  Allan Dean-Lewis MBE, Director of Training and Education

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