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Is Your Pop Up Display Picture Perfect?

by Nomadic Display 20. June 2011 20:18

As pop up displays continue to defy their very name and nature with custom enhancements such as: wide screen monitors, cascading product shelves, lockable storage units and semi private meeting areas, your presentation options seem to go on for miles. Although pop ups can get you the visual “Oomph” you need, treatment of visual elements in a pop up display are somewhat different than a full blown custom modular. So, follow our show smart tips for having an outSTANDing pop up display.

Know your real estate
With a pop up display you’re working with significantly less visual area to communicate your brand and services than in a full blown custom modular.  You have to be more selective of the messaging that you are using and maximise the little space that you have.

Keep it clean
Since you’re working with smaller amounts of hardware and graphics than a custom modular unit, maintaining your presentation is essential to your audience’s perception of your brand. Wrinkled or dingy exhibition display will show and tell your brand in a bad light. So, Show Smart and switch out your exhibition graphics from show to show so that it gives you ample time to perform any repairs or maintenance. Make sure to always bring a hand held steamer and cleaning supplies for un expected hiccups during set up. 

Watch For Wordiness
Although communicating your value proposition is important to letting prospects know what services/products your company provides, anything that takes longer than 3 seconds to read is simply TOO long.  You want to be able to captivate your audience in 2-3 seconds using one seamless power packed presentation. Make sure that your messaging has corresponding graphics to ensure your pop up isn’t too copy heavy. 

Stay Solid
While stylistically, transparent typeface paired with bold print can add dimension to your messaging and graphics, it’s challenging to see from a far and can overwhelm your viewers. A general rule of thumb taken straight from our free white paper, Graphics that Work, is that you should place your text on a contrasting back ground that’s not too busy.

Picture perfect
In the world of exhibition design, less is more. Cluttering up your pop up with unnecessary imagery that you think will draw attendees to your exhibition stand, will do the exact opposite, and send prospects straight to your competitors.

Be Stand Offish
Actually, stand off display graphics can give your pop up display just the added lift and dimension that it needs. You can also switch the order of the stand off graphics from show to show or even replace them with different stand offs to accommodate your campaigns. 

Download our corporate brochure today to see how we can make your display picture perfect.

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New Affordable 3 in 1 Display Solution - The HangTen Series

by Nomadic Display 6. June 2011 14:33

To engage new prospects and customers for this years shows you need your display to work harder for you than ever. That’s why we’ve created the new “HangTen” Series of DesignLine hybrid trade show displays.

Our 2.4m wide contoured backwall is actually 3 display sizes in one! It converts to a 1.25m wide graphic kiosk and a table top for versatility that delivers a maximum return on your display investment.


Accessories bring individuality and functionality to any presentation. Choose from our most popular accessories:

• Enliven your brand with brilliant exhibition graphics
• Make colors pop with luminous halogen or LED lighting
• Deliver power packed presentations on wide screen monitors
• Stage products on pedestals, slatwall and literature racks
• Store excess collateral in lockable counters

“Marketers are seeking smarter solutions for their event programmes.  Custom display designs that bring company or product brands to life while saving time and money are in greater demand today.  HangTen is a show smart investment with a fresh new style suitable for any campaign. ” - Pat Goeke, President and CEO of Nomadic Display

Click here to view more details on Show Smart designs.