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Make Your Exhibition Stand Graphics Work

by Nomadic Display 12. December 2011 13:58

Our client, iDirect does a great job choosing vibrant stand graphic colors and placing their logo and tagline at a height that is visible to attendees up close and from afar

In the world of exhibiting how do you know if you have winning exhibition stand graphics? Below is a checklist of “winning” qualities that could earn you “best in show”.

Your exhibition graphics should first and foremost...

1. Promote your products
Whatever combination of graphics and text that you decide on, make sure that they work together to showcase the features and benefits of your products/services. When someone walks up to your stand they should know immediately: who you are and what you do. Remember, you only have 3 seconds to captivate your target audience and you don't want to overwhelm them into scampering off to your competition's display. If you have complicated messages to communicate such as a client success story, rely on to your A/V presentations instead of your stand graphics to tell the story.

2. Boost your brand
When looking at your exhibition graphics, look at it from an all encompassing stand point, do your graphics: incorporate your logo, adhere to established branding guidelines, communicate your value proposition etc; all of these elements should be skillfully combined to lure in your target audience. [Also, be careful to not include any propriety information in your graphics as reprinting can be a costly endeavor].

Make sure to maintain your company’s colour palette in not only your exhibition stand graphics but, it should carry through to flooring and furniture. If possible, repeat your logo on graphics that are visible from across the show floor, the aisle and even up close on staff name tags or clothing all the way thru to premium giveaways. The average attendee needs to be reminded 6 separate times to distinctly remember your brand, so the more times your brand is at front and center the more success you will have at driving brand memorability.

3. Stay on target
If you took a birds eye view of all of the places that your campaigns have appeared (both on and offline) your exhibition stand should be another channel to promote your campaigns. Make sure that you are openly communicating conversion points on your exhibition graphics such as your website and that your display is consistent with other display stands. 

For more show smart tips on STAND APART booth graphics download our whitepaper “Graphics that Work”

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