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Nine Ways To Make Email Work Harder For Your Events

by Nomadic Display 13. March 2013 18:54
1.Target attendees!  Rent the attendee email list from show management or have them broadcast your message to attendees for you.  Because people are already planning to attend, you don’t need to convince them to come to the show. Instead, your message should focus on getting them to visit your exhibition display. Target the companies you want to reach and omit the ones you don’t as competitors.

2. Start with a snappy subject line!  It’s often the determining factor in whether or not a message will be opened.  Make your subject line compelling so the recipient will want to open it.  Test different subject lines by sending half of your audience the email with one subject line and the other half with another.  Measure which one gets opened more often and use that to plan subsequent email campaigns.

3. Personalisation is key to connecting with readers. People love hearing and seeing their own name.  Include their name in the subject line, salutation and/or body copy.

4. Design for the golden triangle! The upper left corner of an email is often viewed by recipients in a preview pane so they can determine whether or not to open it.  Your headline, image and copy within that triangle should be designed to express the key benefit of your message and prompt them to want to learn more.  Keep the copy brief and to the point.  Tell them why they should visit your stand.

5. Include a call to action! After the list, the offer is the second most influential factor in the success of a campaign. Some of the best incentives are free but offer real value.  Consider what will best motivate your target audience -  a VIP pass to the event? a demo of your newest product?  a special report on an industry topic of interest?  a sample or trial? Vouchers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity so don’t forget show specials. 

6. Remember to include your stand number.  Invite people to follow you on your social media sites, too.

7. Be sure your email complies with the Can Spam Act for US recipients.  The big 6 provisions that you are required to include in your email are:
  • Use a valid, non-deceptive from line
  • Use a valid, non-deceptive subject line
  • Give conspicuous notice of the opportunity to opt-out
  • Provide a functioning opt-out with every message
  • Complete the opt-out within 10 business days.
Some email services automatically filter opt-outs from broadcasts already in cue.  If yours doesn’t you may want to include language such as “We have received your request to be removed from our mailing list.  Please be aware that you may continue to receive messages from us in the next week.  However, we will ensure that your name is removed within 10 business days.”

8. Send it twice!  Release the first time about 3-4 weeks prior to the show.  Then resend it to serve as a reminder a week or two before the event.  Send your email at an optimum time for it to be opened and read which many B2B marketers currently feel  falls between Tuesday and Thursday.  Getresponse.com recently conducted research indicating that emails delivered between 8-9am or 3-4pm get the most opens and click throughs.  Keep in mind that you may need to segment your list by time zone.
9. Evaluate performance! No matter what marketing medium you’re investing in, you want to know if it worked.  Many email services enable you to view a list of the recipients that opened and clicked through your message.  Give that list to your Account Executives to follow up.  Cross match your email open list to your show leads to determine the % that were influenced by your broadcast and visited you.  

Ten Tips for Producing Your Own Videos

by Nomadic Display 27. February 2013 17:51

Video is powerful and has many uses, whether you're a B2B marketer, or work directly with consumers in the B2C world. B2C marketers often use video to convert buyers on e-commerce sites, and B2B marketers see success when using them to raise awareness and interest in their products and services.

Get creative! Put videos in your emails, on corporate sites, and social media networks. Customers can also play them on-demand, on tablets and smart phones – and don’t forget to include an eye-catching video in your exhibition display.

(View Nomadic Display videos here)

Here are our top 10 tips:

1. Establish your goals.
Sure, video is great, but you should have a strategy. Be clear about what you want your video to do for you. Introduce your company? Promote a new product? Build confidence in your service? Consider how you will measure the success of your video - views, re-posts, website traffic, etc. If you don’t know what you should expect with your first video, monitor these and other metrics to create a baseline for comparison to future videos.

2. Tell your story.
The passion you have for your company, product or service can be contagious – video is great at capturing this passion unlike any other medium! Strive to educate and entertain your viewers. Create content that addresses your client’s key pain points and the factors that influence their purchase decisions. Think about the content you want to present and then decide the best method to communicate it - an interview with a member of your organisation’s leadership? A how-to demonstration? Live testimonials taped on your stand?

3. Plan your shoot.
Storyboard the shots you’ll need to videotape. Thinking it through will help you generate a list of what you’ll need - from what people you'll use, to what props will work best and the location(s) you'll need. Just remember to choose a location with good lighting.

4. Need Voice?
If you plan to videotape someone speaking, provide them witha microphone. An alternative is to write a script and record a voiceover track to be added in the post production editing stage. Your script can be translated and recorded to create different language versions of your video. Be sure to record in a closed, quiet room free from noise in surrounding areas.

5. Action!
You don't need a big budget - an amateur can run the camera, but invest in a tripod to eliminate the potential for shaky results. To avoid distractions in the background, shoot close to your subjects. For how-to demos, avoid shots with anyone’s back to the camera. Instead have them stand to the side or facing the camera whenever possible.

6. Keep it brief.
In the fast-moving Internet age, most agree that a few minutes is all you need for the final edited video. A general rule of thumb is 3-4 minutes.

7. Sound of music.
Background music should enhance the presentation, but not over power it. Consider adding music to the intro and possibly again at the end. Be sure to use rights-free or royalty-free music.

8. Contact us.
Remember to title your video and include your company logo at the beginning. Close your video with contact information and/or your website URL so that viewers from viral sharing can find you.

9. Optimize your video with titles, descriptions, and tags.

10. Have fun.
According to Dale Carnegie “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” 



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Helpful Hints to Get You Through the 2013 Budget Process

by Nomadic Display 17. December 2012 14:55

Since business to business exhibitions represent the largest share of the average marketing budget, you’ll need to plan carefully for the shows you want to participate in next year.  Consider these five steps: 

1. Review your 2012 exhibition marketing expense categories and make a note of anything you want to do differently in 2013.

2. Compare your 2012 expense categories to those of other companies that exhibit. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) updates “How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent” annually. This year’s study revealed the following breakdown:

3. Make a list of the line items within each category so no detail slips through the cracks. For example, using the chart above take into account that:

  • Show services includes material handling, installation and dismantling, electrical, furnishings, Internet, A/V, floral, food & beverage, cleaning services, etc.

  • Promotion includes pre-show, on-site and post-show initiatives – advertising, sponsorships, giveaways, collateral, etc.

  • Lead management and measurement includes lead retrieval equipment, post-event follow up activities, tracking, etc.

4. Build your budget by allocating funds to the fixed expenses first such as exhibition space, then add in estimates for variable expenses such as promotion. To be on the safe side, you may want to add five percent to cover general cost increases.

5. Refine your projections. Look for opportunities to reduce operational expenses so you can invest more to promote your products and services! You may be able to shave some spend on items likes these:

  • Pre-order show services vs. on-site

  • Ship to the advance warehouse vs. direct to show site

  • Buy artificial floral arrangements

  • Bring your own cleaning supplies, trash can and sweeper

  • Invest in one display that scales up or down for use in different exhibit spaces

  • Rent a large display in your show city vs. shipping one a long distance

Funnel your savings into other existing categories – such as promotion; or new ones – like staff training and measurement.

What’s your biggest budgeting challenge?

It's All About The Follow Up

by Nomadic Display 19. March 2012 15:34

The pre-show promotion was a hit.  The exhibit looked awesome.  The stand staff were pumped.  It was standing room only for the clients and prospects that visited your trade show display. Now the real work begins.

Build Trust Immediately
Developing a relationship with your prospects requires trust. Swift follow-up is the first step toward building trust. Your visitors have met with your staff, seen your products and services and asked to receive more information, pricing, and perhaps even a meeting.  Your prospects trust you will continue the dialogue that was started during the event - - so don’t disappoint them. Send a personalised email message confirming your next step during the show or within 24 hours of their visit.

Distribute Leads Quickly
Have a plan for processing your valuable trade show leads BEFORE you go to the show.  Appoint individual(s) to receive the leads, get them out to your sales team and into your database on a timely basis. Review how a surge in leads will be processed to prevent them from getting bogged down by internal bottle necks.

Follow Up Repeatedly
Over 90% of business gained from exhibitions is the result of follow-up efforts.  According to a survey of business-to-business marketers, on average, 10-30% of leads are sales ready and another 50% will eventually purchase.

Research indicates the average sale happens after the 5th contact. The average sales person tends to give up too soon and doesn’t make a second attempt to connect with prospects. Work with your sales managers to establish accountability for, and monitor, follow-up.  Sales coaches suggest that the prime time for connecting with prospects is between meetings like early in the morning, during lunch and late in the afternoon.

As for the 50% of visitors that don’t have an immediate requirement, nurture them until they are ready.  Keep in touch with prospects over the longer term. Be persistent but not pushy.  Let your prospects know how you can help solve their business challenges so that when they are ready to buy they think of you. 

Make Your Exhibition Stand Graphics Work

by Nomadic Display 12. December 2011 13:58

Our client, iDirect does a great job choosing vibrant stand graphic colors and placing their logo and tagline at a height that is visible to attendees up close and from afar

In the world of exhibiting how do you know if you have winning exhibition stand graphics? Below is a checklist of “winning” qualities that could earn you “best in show”.

Your exhibition graphics should first and foremost...

1. Promote your products
Whatever combination of graphics and text that you decide on, make sure that they work together to showcase the features and benefits of your products/services. When someone walks up to your stand they should know immediately: who you are and what you do. Remember, you only have 3 seconds to captivate your target audience and you don't want to overwhelm them into scampering off to your competition's display. If you have complicated messages to communicate such as a client success story, rely on to your A/V presentations instead of your stand graphics to tell the story.

2. Boost your brand
When looking at your exhibition graphics, look at it from an all encompassing stand point, do your graphics: incorporate your logo, adhere to established branding guidelines, communicate your value proposition etc; all of these elements should be skillfully combined to lure in your target audience. [Also, be careful to not include any propriety information in your graphics as reprinting can be a costly endeavor].

Make sure to maintain your company’s colour palette in not only your exhibition stand graphics but, it should carry through to flooring and furniture. If possible, repeat your logo on graphics that are visible from across the show floor, the aisle and even up close on staff name tags or clothing all the way thru to premium giveaways. The average attendee needs to be reminded 6 separate times to distinctly remember your brand, so the more times your brand is at front and center the more success you will have at driving brand memorability.

3. Stay on target
If you took a birds eye view of all of the places that your campaigns have appeared (both on and offline) your exhibition stand should be another channel to promote your campaigns. Make sure that you are openly communicating conversion points on your exhibition graphics such as your website and that your display is consistent with other display stands. 

For more show smart tips on STAND APART booth graphics download our whitepaper “Graphics that Work”

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Unlocking The Perfect Show Giveaway

by Nomadic Display 30. November 2011 14:56

According to recent studies, giveaways trigger what researchers call the reciprocity effect--the conditioned cultural response to return the kindness of a gift--which can manifest itself in better response rates, repeat business, and powerful referrals. So, you don’t want any ordinary “trick or treat” freebie, you want a giveaway that is EXTRA ordinary! And PS, you don’t have to break the bank when you’re budgeting to come up with some cool swag for next year. But, how do you choose the right show giveaway? Follow the below show Smart Steps to giveways success.


Broadcast Your Brand
Whatever new giveaway you choose: a ceramic mug, flash drive, ipod, gourmet chocolates, your brand should be at the forefront – and immediately visible to your audience.  Think of clever ways to incorporate your brand instead of plastering it everywhere (which can be an eyesore and look tacky). Better yet, make your giveaway wearable. According to 2010 PPAI research, 31% of promotional sales were of wearable items like shirts, jackets, and hats.

Make It A Two-Parter
If you decided to pick something as common as a stress ball, couple it with another prize to make it a two part giveaway or even instill a little humor in it.

Put It To Work
Whatever you decide for your trade show giveaway, you want it to have LONG term marketing benefits. So, you’ll want to invest in a giveaway that is durable and will last a while. Even better, if your giveaway can be used as a keepsake at work and at home (think: a portable bag or ceramic mug), so you benefit from DOUBLE the exposure. A 2009 survey conducted by PPAI Research found that a staggering 3 out of 4 consumers reported having at least one promotional product in their workspace.

Some Food For Thought on Untraditional Giveaway Favorites
On A Linkedin professional group when asked the most memorable giveaways many chimed in with some of their top picks - see below

  • A mini computer cleaning tool kit
  • A usb
  • Seeds (yes seeds they proceeded to plant and grow in their yard - talk about long term use!)
  • A rear view mirror to attach to your computer monitor
  • A compact umbrella enclosed in a mini zipper case
  • A smart phone case

PS: Aside from the seeds, what all of these have in common is that they are ultra portable and can be used over and over again.

Selecting the right giveaway is all about asking yourself “Would I use this item”? How long would I keep this? is it versatile?  and what type of long term marketing benefits does it have?”. Having the right giveaway, tied in with strategic promotions can help leverage your trade show performance and get your foot in the door to new business opportunities.

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An Exhibitiors Must Have Guide on Social Media

by Nomadic Display 25. October 2011 14:12

It’s here! We invite you to be the first to download our newest and most anticipated social media ebook: "Tune in Turn on and Take off with Social Media For Trade Shows and Events". In our information packed ebook you’ll learn how to harness the power of social media to promote live events. Our special ebook educates exhibitors on the tremendous value that social media can bring to the exhibitions and events space.

Use social media to enliven your brand on the show floor, entice your target audience to take immediate action and influence future purchasing decisions. Our all encompassing information packed guide provides a comprehensive look at: how various social media applications can accelerate live event performance, top tips for boosting stand traffic, strategic methods for building your social network and more

Both social media veterans and newbies alike will appreciate this all inclusive ebook that targets traditional marketing efforts and how to streamline them with social media to maximise results. Event Marketers can begin reaping the rewards of increased brand exposure by downloading - Tune, Turn on and Take off With Social Media for Live Events.

So, Claim your copy now!

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10 Ways to Cause a Speed Bump at Your Next Exhibition Stand Part 2

by Nomadic Display 5. September 2011 12:42

Back by popular demand is Part II of our post, 10 Ways To Cause a Speed Bump At Your Exhibition Stand. We’ve gathered essential “intel” and have listed the latest tactics your colleagues are using to AMPLIFY their stand traffic and get the results they want. So, kick your promotional efforts into overdrive with these Show Smart tips:

1) Enliven Your Booth Staff
Video badges were all the hype at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.  Now savvy Exhibit Marketers everywhere are using them in their face-to-face initiatives because they make a perfect conversation starter. This nifty novelty catches the attention of visitors just long enough for your stand staff to engage them. Video badges are also pixilated powerhouses that will cost you a pretty penny or two – some average out around 178.00 each and require pre programming! So, if you think these are as cool as we do, make sure to include them in your budget for next year!

2) Arrest Your Audience
A visually arresting exhibition display features graphics that POP.  Your exhibition graphics need to grab attendee attention and then IMMEDIATELY communicate who you are, what you do and how your product/service can help them. Whether it's your brand that will draw audiences from all directions to be consumed by one individual at time, you need to understand how your display graphics should all work together. Not sure that your display is realising its full potential? Download our whitepaper on Graphics That Work for more…

3) Create a Snap Shot of Your Brand
Photo booths featuring your branded back drop are fun show stoppers. While attendees enjoy “glaming” it up for silly candid photos, they bring back your branded "kodak moment" to share with friends, family and business colleagues. So, it's a great PR opportunity.

4) Extra, Extra READ All About It
Broadcast your Twitter buzz on a large LCD monitor in your exhibit using the official show hash tag. As attendees are dismissed from information packed seminars and pass by your stand, they’ll see what they’ve missed out on while they were away and be encouraged to follow you on Twitter.

5) Be Intelligent
Part of driving quality show traffic to your stand is knowing your particular audience and tailoring your message to them so that they feel like they are an exclusive customer. Lygase RFID Solutions has developed a product that allows exhibitors to communicate surround sound marketing messages that can be displayed on a big screen or kiosk based on recognition of an attendee's presence. The attendee wearing a lanyard with a UHF RFID tag will be shown a targeted message once detected by an RFID reader and that message will invite that person to a particular booth.

This targeted approach will impress booth attendees and will ensure that your brand is remembered. Make sure to research your vendors before signing the “dotted line”. 

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10 Ways To Cause a Speed Bump at Your Exhibition Stand Part 1

by Nomadic Display 30. August 2011 11:52

Our client, Louisiana Seafood uses Gourmet cooking demonstrations to drive booth traffic

Several comments were recently chimed in on LinkedIn’s Trade Show Exhibitors Association group (TSEA) about innovative ways to drive show traffic.  Whether you have an island or backwall display, here are some unique tips to send your promotional efforts into overdrive:

1) Let Them Eat Cake
A client of ours took an oven to an event and baked branded (yes branded) cookies on their stand.  Smell is the strongest of our 6 senses. The aroma of freshly baked cookies soon permeated the show floor that lured a line of visitors to the stand wanting their delectable offerings. Other smells produce similar results, so think: fresh popped corn, coffee, chocolate, roasted nuts or other scents that trigger positive reactions.

2) Relax, Refresh, Revive
One exhibitor hosted an oxygen bar to generate traffic. Extra oxygen improves concentration and alertness while reducing stress.  Visitors were invited to choose their favorite scent and relax in a comfortable atmosphere in which they could network with other attendees. Nothing better than a happy customer on your stand!

3) Play Hide and Seek
Another exhibitor promoted an interactive scavenger hunt via social media.  Last stop - their display stand - where visitors could celebrate their journey.

4) The "WOW" Factor
Exhibitors around the world integrating technology to enliven their brand and draw audiences in from the aisles. Videos, animations, computer demos, and even virtual games can be used to enhance your value proposition, impact and memorability.

5) Take Charge
Exhibitions and events are often held in conjunction with information packed seminars and conferences. Offer attendees relief from dead batteries with a mobile phone charging station.  Mobile phones are a lifeline to many and your hospitality will be remembered long after the event. 

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Nomadic Helps Douwe Egberts Brew Show Smart Success at Caffe Culture

by Nomadic Display 22. August 2011 13:52

For over 250 years Douwe Egberts, a Sara Lee Company, has been a name synonymous with exceptional coffee. Douwe Egberts is one of the leading coffee roasters in the world and a major supplier of coffee systems and accessories for the workplace. So it’s no surprise that they have the #1 market share in 9 out of 13 countries in Europe.

Douwe Egberts has recently made a return to trade shows and are owners of Nomadic's legendary Instand® displays.  They wanted to launch their newest product, the Easy Milk Coffee Machine, with a larger impact exhibition display at Caffé Culture 2011; this trade show is exclusively devoted to exposing thousands of products and services to the coffee bar industry.  Douwe Egberts wanted to debut a new trade show booth that would repurpose their existing display with rental elements as a cost savings measure.

Nomadic Display UK strategically designed a more sophisticated selling environment using key elements from Douwe Egberts' previous display along with rental parts.  The ornate backwall featured elegant photographs of pouring coffee and their sleek stainless steel products exuded a café chic ambiance. Douwe Egberts was able to immerse visitors in an overall brand experience that engaged all five senses with their coffee systems. Since debuting their display at Caffé Culture, Douwe Egberts has taken their power packed custom display “on the road” to outdoor events such as a live cricket game.  Instand’s ultra durability enables Douwe Egberts to travel extensively with their exhibition stand and its versatility allows them to switch out graphics to target different audiences at outdoor events.

Check out what the Douwe team has to say:

“Nomadic exceeded all of our expectations, delivering a fabulous trade show display for Egberts at Caffe Culture. The Douwe Egberts' staff could not have been better prepared for the event as Nomadic was able to offer a full dry run of the trade show booth at their showroom in Isleworth. Nomadic Display’s professional and friendly team expertly took care of all our requirements from brief to breakdown and also managed the stand storage. This enabled our team to keep our resources focused on delivering the business end of the event.  We look forward to working with the Nomadic team on future events.”


Paul Freeman, Marketing Director, Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems.

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