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Nomadic Helps Douwe Egberts Brew Show Smart Success at Caffe Culture

by Nomadic Display 22. August 2011 13:52

For over 250 years Douwe Egberts, a Sara Lee Company, has been a name synonymous with exceptional coffee. Douwe Egberts is one of the leading coffee roasters in the world and a major supplier of coffee systems and accessories for the workplace. So it’s no surprise that they have the #1 market share in 9 out of 13 countries in Europe.

Douwe Egberts has recently made a return to trade shows and are owners of Nomadic's legendary Instand® displays.  They wanted to launch their newest product, the Easy Milk Coffee Machine, with a larger impact exhibition display at Caffé Culture 2011; this trade show is exclusively devoted to exposing thousands of products and services to the coffee bar industry.  Douwe Egberts wanted to debut a new trade show booth that would repurpose their existing display with rental elements as a cost savings measure.

Nomadic Display UK strategically designed a more sophisticated selling environment using key elements from Douwe Egberts' previous display along with rental parts.  The ornate backwall featured elegant photographs of pouring coffee and their sleek stainless steel products exuded a café chic ambiance. Douwe Egberts was able to immerse visitors in an overall brand experience that engaged all five senses with their coffee systems. Since debuting their display at Caffé Culture, Douwe Egberts has taken their power packed custom display “on the road” to outdoor events such as a live cricket game.  Instand’s ultra durability enables Douwe Egberts to travel extensively with their exhibition stand and its versatility allows them to switch out graphics to target different audiences at outdoor events.

Check out what the Douwe team has to say:

“Nomadic exceeded all of our expectations, delivering a fabulous trade show display for Egberts at Caffe Culture. The Douwe Egberts' staff could not have been better prepared for the event as Nomadic was able to offer a full dry run of the trade show booth at their showroom in Isleworth. Nomadic Display’s professional and friendly team expertly took care of all our requirements from brief to breakdown and also managed the stand storage. This enabled our team to keep our resources focused on delivering the business end of the event.  We look forward to working with the Nomadic team on future events.”


Paul Freeman, Marketing Director, Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems.

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How to Use Video on the Show Floor

by Nomadic Display 13. April 2011 19:08

You don’t need to be a spawn of Speilberg to create a great take of your company at live events. Below are some Show Smart tips for casting your brand in the limelight.

The SEO Skivvy:
YouTube is quickly becoming the worlds largest search engine behind Google. Welcoming video into your event marketing mix will boost your search rankings.  In fact, your company will be 50 (yes FIFTY) times more likely to appear on 1st page organic search results. Just make sure once you've uploaded your video to You Tube that it is tagged with all of your top keywords, so that it can be indexed properly. 

1) Plan Smart
Like any other marketing tool, you should have a plan in place before the show. Briefly outline the steps following the event to best optimize your footage for: Social Media, Email, YouTube and Mobile. Predetermine with your online team where on your website you will host the video - - a video gallery? your blog? - - and a develop a timeline for uploading to each channel.

2) Show Smart
At the show you can use an ultra portable HD camcorder such the Cisco Flip camera to capture live presentations in your booth, customers interviews and your brand ambassadors engaging with prospects. Keep in mind that the background noise, lighting and volume of the speaker is important to the outcome of your video. If you don't have an “anti shake” setting on your camera, use a tripod for the best results.

3) Share Smart
While the viral nature of video is exciting and gives customers a more personal perception of your brand, make sure to ask subjects for permission to record them. If you plan on repurposing the video for future campaigns you may want to secure a signed release from your subject as to not delay the launch of future campaigns.

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