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Exhibitions As Art Can Imitate Life

by Nomadic Display 18. March 2014 18:21

In the midst of one of this year’s biggest snow storms on the east coast, came a breath of spring in the form of an exhibition. Walking through the entrance to the 185th Philadelphia Flower Show was AWESOME.  While that word can be cliché, in this case it’s the only word that adequately described the vision before me.

This year’s show was entitled “ARTiculture” and promised visitors a rare opportunity to experience a unique blend of art and horticulture. Many of displays were designed to celebrate the paintings and sculptures of artists including Alexander Calder, Michelangelo, Monet, Picasso, Pollock, da Vinci and Dali.

All of the exhibits on display were made of fresh and dried flowers, grasses and other organic materials, creating remarkable illusions like this sushi buffet.

Daring displays of artistry featured dazzling colours infused with the scent of fresh flowers.

Crowds walked through the exhibition galleries admiring the wide variety of creative installations and masterful arrangements.

Since most exhibition displays don’t possess an alluring scent, maybe the next best thing is graphics that make you think it does.


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Plan Now To Avoid Panic Later

by Nomadic Display 10. July 2013 00:20

The next busy season for exhibitions and events are just a couple of months away so summer is a great time to get organised. Remember Bill Murray’s movie “What About Bob?” Richard Dreyfuss played his psychiatrist and the author of “Baby Steps.” The trick is to break big problems, like event planning, down into small steps so they can be accomplished in an orderly manner. The first baby step toward an event is to create a checklist of activities and their due dates. Here are some tips on how to get started.
Promotion Campaign
Develop a marketing plan for the event. Consider all of the on- and offline opportunities to promote your presence at the upcoming event. Your plan may include advertising, sponsorships, free VIP passes, press releases, a banner on your website, email broadcasts, newsletters, social media posts, premium giveaways etc. Using target dates for release, you can estimate when to place orders and start the development of artwork. Ideally your messages will be carried through in graphics, presentations, and other materials at the event.
Inspect your display
Be sure your display is prepared to represent you. Shabby graphics will reflect poorly on your company so order replacements when needed. If you plan to purchase a new display, it’s a good idea to draft a brief. Describe your marketing objectives, the products and services you want to push, and interactions you are planning for visitors. Get input, buy in or approval on the brief from appropriate managers. Gaining consensus at the beginning will help you avoid having to tackle internal obstacles at the finish line. The brief can help speed your request for design proposals and guide your evaluation of display solutions.

Show Services
By now you have, or will soon receive, your exhibitor service manual. As the official digest of everything you need to know about the event, it’s important to go through it carefully. Determine which show services you will need and add the early bird dates for form submissions to your checklist. By planning to submit your service orders by the early bird due date you accomplish two things. First, you get the best rates on the services you need, savings of as much as 50 percent. Second, if you miss an early bird submission date you still have time to meet the final advance due date and qualify for some savings.

Book your travel
According to Sean O’Neal of BBC Travel, the old rule of thumb – booking tickets three months ahead for the lowest prices – seems now to be out of synch with the latest research. Based on studies by Kayak and FareCompare, O’Neal suggests purchasing on Tuesday afternoon, about three weeks in advance for domestic tickets and a little more than a month in advance for international tickets to get the best deal.

As for hotels, compare the rate secured by show management to online rates.

Beware: dates on this calendar are closer than they appear. If you find you’re already near a due date, don’t be discouraged. You’ve completed your first baby step!

How To Get The Conversation Started With Attendees

by Nomadic Display 5. June 2013 14:18

All too often exhibition staff don’t know how to engage attendees as they come down the aisle. They watch attendees walk by their exhibition display, afraid to approach them because they are unsure of what to say or fear bothering them.  While some attendees will stop, what about the ones that don’t?  You're there to meet with attendees, so you need to get the conversation ball rolling.

First recognise that no one wants to interrupt stand staff on their phone or huddled together chatting with one another.  They will think you're too busy to talk with them and continue on down the aisle.  Be present and make yourself available so visitors will feel welcome. Adopt a relaxed stance, smile and yes, by all means, step out into the aisle.

Next, you need to know what you're going to say to kick off the conversation.  "Hi there, can I help you with something?" or “Enjoying the show?” are uninspiring at best.  The most predictable response is likely to be "no thanks, I'm just looking."  End of conversation.  You need more engaging conversation starters, to get them involved immediately. 

The best openers are often to offer something – a free sample, the opportunity to participate in an activity, or win a prize.  Formulate open ended questions that cannot be answered with a simply yes or no.  Think of questions that use who, what, where, when and how vs questions that use are, can, do, have, or will.  For example, "If you win the iPad we're giving away today, who would you give it to?".  Start off the conversation focusing on them, rather than the other way around.  Your opener should get them thinking, and regardless of what the answer is, it should draw them into a conversation about their needs, provide an opportunity for you to explain what you do, and determine whether you can help them.

It's important, of course, not to get discouraged.  No matter how great your openers are, not every person that walks by has a need for your product or service.  Keep in mind that if you're friendly, approachable, and have a great conversation starter, your chances for generating more leads will be greatly increased.

For more tips on successful exhibiting techniques, request a copy of our guidebook


Exhibitiors - Boost Your Brand By Raising Your Roof

by Nomadic Display 8. November 2011 13:33

Saavy marketers are grabbing attention and building brand awareness by "raising the roof" on their exhibition displays. From our design studio through to the factory floor we've seen a dramatic increase in demand for overhead hanging signs in variety of organic and geometric shapes.

How Fabric Displays Can Save You Money…
Fabric displays demand attention on the show floor yet they’re affordably priced.  The are also affordable to own being compact, lightweight and easy to assemble you save on storage and transportation.

What The Experts Have To Say…
Vince Alberta, VP of The Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitors Authority, even reports a recent surge in suspended fabric displays from years past, touching on their proven ability to drive brand exposure at exhibitions and deliver ROI.


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Nomadic Stands Behind the Stars for the 10th Season of American Idol

by Nomadic Display 19. January 2011 15:04

American Idol Season 4 (above)

American Idol kicks off its 10th season tomorrow night, meaning almost a decade has gone by of Simon’s scathing critique, making and breaking Hollywood hopefuls.  As we usher in the 10th season of Idol with a fresh panel of judges from the likes of JLO to Aerosmith’s, Steven Tyler, Nomadic continues to stand behind the stars of tomorrow.  Nomadic displays are providing both structural and emotional support for thousands of contestants as they audition. 

American Idol Season 9 (above)

Our custom mobile set designs have debuted as branded backwalls for contestants on American Idol for 9 years now and continue to be an integral marketing asset for Idol. Our mobile set designs easily pack and ship to other audition locations, giving new meaning to: “getting the show on the road”.


American Idol Season 9 (above)

The American Idol set designs join other television mobile sets produced by Nomadic Display.  Visit our entertainment gallery to see other branded backwalls we have produced for the likes of:  NFL, Fox Sports and more!

Download our free white paper to see how Nomadic can help you OUT Perform your competition at your next tradeshow

How to OUTSHINE Your Competitors on the Show Floor

by Nomadic Display 18. January 2011 13:35


So your exhibition display is ALL set: you have vibrant high definition exhibition graphics, an innovative exhibition stand design that communicates your brand and exceptional booth staff… what’s next?

You can literally outshine your competitors with the flip of a switch and turn your display from ordinary to extraordinary.  LED lights, while not new to the automobile industry, are becoming widely popular in the trade show industry for their cool brilliance and eco friendly reputation.

LED lights are budget friendly because they burn brighter and last longer than their arch rival – the halogen light.  But, how do you know if LED lights are right for your exhibition display? Below are 4 things that may help you decide before you cross over to the bright side:

1) LEDs are cool to the touch – LED’s produce a fraction of the radiant heat produced by halogen lamps. 
2) LEDs last longer – LEDs are rated to last about 50,000 hours of indoor use while Halogen lights are rated for 6,000 hours of useful life. 
3) LEDs consume less power – So you can save up to 75% on your electric use.
4) LEDs emit cool or warm white light
Check your graphic proofs under the LED light you intend to use to ensure it will make your graphic pop.

With all of this in mind, if you think LED’s are right for your trade show booth check out our “Show Smart” Light Library.