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When a Custom Display Rental makes sense!

by Nomadic Display 25. September 2012 13:50

Do you want a bigger exhibition display for your annual event but use smaller displays for the other smaller shows?

Do you want to reduce your exhibition expenses so you can allocate the savings to more pre- or at-show promotion?

Do you want the freedom and flexibility to have an exhibition display that won’t limit your future marketing needs or budget?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to consider a custom display rental.  If you’re like most companies today, you have to utilise every pound of your budget to its best advantage.  Once you’ve allocated your fixed expenses such as the space, you probably try to maximise the variable expenses which often include your display.

The rule of thumb for deciding whether to purchase or rent is simple:  if you plan to use the same display three times in one year, it makes sense to purchase. But it makes more sense to rent your display for a one-time use. 

Many companies book shell scheme spaces at their smaller shows but want to make a big impression at their main event. Mergers are often accompanied by a marketing “scramble” to rebrand. Trade shows are often the first approach to testing a new market.  A one-time exhibition display rental may be just what you need to look your best in any of these situations. Develop a whole new design or add elements such as greeting station, interactive kiosks, or towers with storage to your existing properties.

The beauty of a custom display rental is the ability to have the design you want without having to compromise. You can have all of the benefits of a fresh, dynamic, compelling design that none of your visitors will know is a display rental. 

As you can see, all of the costs associated with ownership including inspection, repairs, storage, taxes and eventual disposal – are eliminated with a display rental.  The savings really add up. Now you have the ability to better control what you want to invest your budget in….maintenance costs or more pre-show advertising, VIP hospitality, sponsorships, discount incentive offers …you get the idea.

Here’s another bonus tip: the price of your display rental includes graphics which are not rented but purchased.  So keep in mind that they can be reused on the same display rental next year – this adds up to more savings!


3,2,1,BLAST OFF! Nomadic Launches Zurich's Display at The OpenWork Conference

by Nomadic Display 31. May 2011 13:46

Zurich Financial Services Group provides general and life insurance products to individuals and businesses in 170 countries around the world.  The insurance giant is also a major sponsor of the annual Openwork Conference for the UK's network of over 2,000 mortgage and financial advisers.  

Wanting to launch their presence at the 2011 event, they came to Nomadic Display seeking a unique selling environment. Zurich had a clear vision for using an outer space theme to promote HelpPoint: the collection of services that support their global network of customers. 

Early on the Nomadic Team determined that a rental display would be the best fit for their program needs.  The Nomadic design team created a brilliant DesignLine® hybrid display complete with vibrant galactic graphics.  Adhering to standard height restrictions, the Nomadic Design team placed Zurich's logo on dimensional signage of a planet suspended above the display.


Luminous backlighting heightened visitors overall "cosmic" experience and a console at the center was dedicated to uploading daily looping footage from the show floor to their multipanel LCD screens.  The open space design combined with state-of-the-art technologies drew visitors into a highly immersive environment. One side of the stand was devoted to interactive stations for visitors to play space invaders and submit competition entries while the opposite side featured 9 monitors that displayed daily show footage.

Zurich was delighted with their success at the Openwork conference and the ability for the display to be reconfigured for use at a variety of events.

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Nomadic helps Proslide Plunge into Bigger Business Ventures

by Nomadic Display 22. February 2011 12:56

12x12m island at IAAPA Attractions trade show

Proslide is an award-winning Canadian company that develops and designs water rides for water parks, theme parks and resorts around the world.  For the past 3 years, Proslides has turned to Nomadic to produce a custom design for their exhibition stand rental.  This year to meet their expanding business priorities, Proslides ordered 2 exhibition stand rentals for back-to-back events.  For the first show Proslides needed a 6mx12m custom display rental that would expand into a 12mx12m  trade show exhibit for the IAAPA Attractions trade show. 

The Nomadic Rentals team produced a dynamic exhibition stand for Proslide to showcase their creative engineering through various mediums.  Nomadic positioned big bold amusement park images to surrounded the booth and promote Proslide's ongoing campaign initiatives.  Continuous looping video was positioned throughout the exhibition display to engage prospects from the show aisles.  Proslides inflatable products were on display for hands-on product interaction. While the interior of the space was dedicated to semi-private meetings with clients. 

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