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MAXIMISE Your Exhibition Presence with a MINIturised Custom Portable Display

by Nomadic Display 26. April 2011 20:05

If you're on the look out for a new exhibition display that won’t put a dent in your wallet, we have a FRESH new solution for you!  The super compact version of our clever Instand® Foundation displays may be just the trick to charge up your trade show programme. These new designs blend the easy set-up of a pop-up display with the modern, functional features you need to Stand Apart on the show floor and engage your audience. So power up your presentations with:

Wide Screen Monitors
Computer stations

AND more!

Even more compact and lighter in weight, our "Mini" version of Foundation brings you the savings benefits of economical storage and transport in courier transportable cases - - not to mention a Show Smart price.

See what all the excitement is about with "Mini" Instand Foundation solutions. 

Nomadic Stands Behind the Stars for the 10th Season of American Idol

by Nomadic Display 19. January 2011 15:04

American Idol Season 4 (above)

American Idol kicks off its 10th season tomorrow night, meaning almost a decade has gone by of Simon’s scathing critique, making and breaking Hollywood hopefuls.  As we usher in the 10th season of Idol with a fresh panel of judges from the likes of JLO to Aerosmith’s, Steven Tyler, Nomadic continues to stand behind the stars of tomorrow.  Nomadic displays are providing both structural and emotional support for thousands of contestants as they audition. 

American Idol Season 9 (above)

Our custom mobile set designs have debuted as branded backwalls for contestants on American Idol for 9 years now and continue to be an integral marketing asset for Idol. Our mobile set designs easily pack and ship to other audition locations, giving new meaning to: “getting the show on the road”.


American Idol Season 9 (above)

The American Idol set designs join other television mobile sets produced by Nomadic Display.  Visit our entertainment gallery to see other branded backwalls we have produced for the likes of:  NFL, Fox Sports and more!

Download our free white paper to see how Nomadic can help you OUT Perform your competition at your next tradeshow