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10 Ways To Cause a Speed Bump at Your Exhibition Stand Part 1

by Nomadic Display 30. August 2011 11:52

Our client, Louisiana Seafood uses Gourmet cooking demonstrations to drive booth traffic

Several comments were recently chimed in on LinkedIn’s Trade Show Exhibitors Association group (TSEA) about innovative ways to drive show traffic.  Whether you have an island or backwall display, here are some unique tips to send your promotional efforts into overdrive:

1) Let Them Eat Cake
A client of ours took an oven to an event and baked branded (yes branded) cookies on their stand.  Smell is the strongest of our 6 senses. The aroma of freshly baked cookies soon permeated the show floor that lured a line of visitors to the stand wanting their delectable offerings. Other smells produce similar results, so think: fresh popped corn, coffee, chocolate, roasted nuts or other scents that trigger positive reactions.

2) Relax, Refresh, Revive
One exhibitor hosted an oxygen bar to generate traffic. Extra oxygen improves concentration and alertness while reducing stress.  Visitors were invited to choose their favorite scent and relax in a comfortable atmosphere in which they could network with other attendees. Nothing better than a happy customer on your stand!

3) Play Hide and Seek
Another exhibitor promoted an interactive scavenger hunt via social media.  Last stop - their display stand - where visitors could celebrate their journey.

4) The "WOW" Factor
Exhibitors around the world integrating technology to enliven their brand and draw audiences in from the aisles. Videos, animations, computer demos, and even virtual games can be used to enhance your value proposition, impact and memorability.

5) Take Charge
Exhibitions and events are often held in conjunction with information packed seminars and conferences. Offer attendees relief from dead batteries with a mobile phone charging station.  Mobile phones are a lifeline to many and your hospitality will be remembered long after the event. 

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