Exhibtion Display Rental FAQs

Q. What if I don’t see a rental design I like?
A. No problem, the web designs posted in our online library and gallery are idea generators. It's helpful to know if you like some and why, but if you don’t then we have no problem starting with a blank page. Keep in mind that the selection of rental components are limited which is why the designs have similarities. The exhibition design we develop for you is likely have similar style, but may have a completely different configuration or function. Talk with a display consultant to better understand our rental capabilities.

Q. Can I call to request a quote?
A. Yes, our display consultants will be happy to take your call and walk you through the request process. With web, fax and phone and email we have many options in communication.

Q. What if my trade show is not in London or the UK?
A. No problem, we ship and install all over the UK, Europe and beyond, call us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Q. Would I own the graphics from my rental display?
A. Yes. In some cases our clients prefer we store the graphics for reuse in future shows. Since you only pay for the graphics once, reusing graphics can dramatically cut the cost between subsequent exhibitions.

Q. Why don’t the web designs include graphics?
A. They could, and maybe should. In the future, they may. Currently we choose to focus on the exhibition display hardware only since graphic costs can vary depending on the size and how many graphics are needed. Your rental quote will include graphics based on your request and discussions between you and your display consultant.

Q. Can I get a rendering with my quote?
A. Yes, Often your display consultant will suggest one, or you’re welcome to request one. We draw your basic imagery and colours from your website. Our renderings are intended to help you visualize the rental solution. Your designer can use this as a “suggestion” in developing the actual graphics once you choose to place an order.

Q. Can I rent a design from the Exhibition Stands design library?
A. We will attempt to translate many exhibition display designs, but we are limited to a select number of versatile rental components in our rental inventory. Sometimes we are able to come very close to an “Ideas” or competitor design, other times we are too different in components to offer a competitive option. No harm in asking.

Q. What if I want to add to my existing display?
A. This is an excellent option, especially if you’re enlarging your stand space. In these situations, we reference the original purchase drawings to use and incorporate them into the hybrid rental / purchase solution. Exhibition rental components are labeled but careful attention on site is required to separate, repack and return rental components post show.

Q. What if I have a on site problem?
A. We hope this never happens, but if it does your rental paperwork has 24/7 emergency contact info in many locations to insure you see it if you need it. We will respond immediately, to the best of our efforts to resolve any onsite emergency, regardless of who or why. We want you to have a great rental experience.

Q. Does your quote include electrical?
A. No, electrical costs are extra. We can provide electrical layouts for you to submit with your electrical order to the show or we can do it for you. Refer to your show manual for costs and ordering forms. To learn what's typical for any location or show talk with a display consultant.

Q. Do you provide setup instructions?
A. Yes, we generate comprehensive setup instructions which include exploded views in step by step groups as well as a wealth of onsite tips and suggestions. These are included with every rental as well as emailed to our onsite contact.

Q. Can I rent my tables and chairs from Nomadic?
A. Yes - please as a Display Consultant to show you our range.

Q. Do you rent computers and TV's?
A. Yes - we can organize all aspects of show services, such as electrics, flooring and audio visual. Call us with your requirements and we can help organize it for you.