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There no better way to start a new year…get prepared! Don't forget we can help you on any project big or small, give you valuable advice on exhibiting on a budget and show you how to get the very most out of your exhibitions.

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Introducing a NEW 5-in-1 CLEVER KIT

5-in-1 Versatility Stand Apart Style and Show Smart Value. This unique 6m modular display offers you multiple configuration options - - all for one, affordable price! You get 5 stands in 1 design!

This clever 6m DesignLine display comes complete with a convex header and rigid fascia panels. It can be used in a flat or angular configuration.

The same 6m display can be repurposed for use as 3m corner stand or backwall. But that’s not all, it also converts to a 2.5m stand.

Choose from our most popular add-ons including an integrated quadrant top table, flat screen monitor mounts, free standing iPad holders, and acrylic literature holders.

Benefits include:

  • Multiple Configuration Options
  • Compact to Reduce Transport Costs
  • Affordably Priced
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Meet our Newest Client: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was one of the first to take up residence in Heathrow’s original Terminal 2 back in 1955. The new and improved Terminal 2 — dubbed The Queen’s Terminal in honour of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II — opened for business last month.

In addition to invaluable exposure to travellers at the new terminal, SAS planned to cultivate brand loyalty among its passengers with prizes, promote the heritage of their brand, generate press coverage, and add new social media followers. For the event, Nomadic Display designed and produced a portable display solution with bright graphics representing the airline’s transition over the past 59 years.

“We received nice compliments on the stands from Nomadic Display which worked very well, and were so easy to assemble!” said William Reed, Scandinavian Airlines’ Director of Marketing for the Western European Region.

Nomadic Display has provided businesses around the world with captivating displays solutions for their event marketing programmes. Pop-up displays, banner stands, and portable counters are compact, lightweight, easy to set-up and can be configured in many ways to meet the demands of your event space. Whether you need to stage a showroom, a visitor centre, a museum, or an airport terminal, Nomadic Display has the solution for you.



Top 10 Tips For 2015

1. Set goals. Every exhibitor should know that management wants measurable results. If you haven’t set goals for exhibitions and events before, start now. Goals express what you want to achieve - leads, reinforce customer relationships, add social media followers, recognition as a market leader, etc. The more specific your goal, the better you can measure your ROI and plan for the future. These free planning and measurement tools can help.

2. Make appointments before the show. Start every show with a full appointment calendar and you'll cover your costs before the event opens. Target individuals you want to meet. Locate them in your database, on LinkedIN etc. Contact them to make appointments 3-6 weeks prior to the event. Set your appointments for unusual times (e.g. 9:45 a.m.) to make them memorable.

3. Offer to speak at shows where you exhibit. It positions you as an expert and thought leader. If you can't speak as part of the official program, create your own on-stand, theatre-style presentation and promote it to attendees.

4. Train staff. Even the most experienced exhibition staff needs preparation before every show. Make sure everyone understands the objectives and their role in reaching them. Make sure your staff is confident stepping out into the aisles to greet attendees and introduce themselves. Get more staffing tips.

During the Show

5. Promote your booth location during the show. Today's successful exhibitors keep the conversation going throughout the event using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media channels to generate buzz and traffic. Get a free social media guide.

6. Network. During seminars and hospitality events, connect with peers who are eager to share their experiences. Meet with industry experts who will listen to your challenges and offer insights and ideas for solutions.

7. Stand out, be memorable and relevant. Grab a great stand location. Use eye-catching colours. Thank visitors for their time by providing a giveaway that aligns with your brand and message. Get more ideas for standing out from the crowd.

8. Build your following with good content. Ken Krogue of says, "If your content and research are really good, people will flock to you. But people hate sitting through a sales pitch masquerading as a seminar." Use show presentations to provide new insights, answers to questions, and solutions to problems. Give great presentation with powerful content.

9. Deliver an experience. Invite attendees on to your stand to touch, feel and watch your products in action. Use touch screens and live demos to encourage longer visits and more interaction with your staff.

After the Show

10. Follow up fast and often. Speed is the name of the game in lead follow-up. Scan visitor badges at your stand to expedite capturing contact information. Set after-show appointments with prospects before they leave your stand. Send an email follow up that night with a LinkedIn invitation. Exhibitors often aren’t persistent enough in following up averaging only 1.5 phone call attempts. Research indicates it takes 6 to 9 phone and up to 3 email attempts to establish a connection.



Are your exhibition graphics working hard for your brand?

Remember to promote your products and boost your brand! Whatever combination of graphics and text that you decide on, make sure that they work together to showcase the features and benefits of your products/services. When someone walks up to your stand they should know immediately: who you are and what you do. Remember, you only have 3 seconds to captivate your target audience.

When looking at your exhibition graphics, look at it from an all encompassing stand point, do your graphics: incorporate your logo, adhere to established branding guidelines, communicate your value proposition etc; all of these elements should be skilfully combined to lure in your target audience.

For more show smart tips on exhibition graphics download our whitepaper “Graphics that Work”