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Scale in Size…Cost Effectively!

Scalable Displays offer unique value with their ability to adapt to your changing business demands. Nomadic led a revolution by engineering our product lines to integrate with one another to deliver a lifetime of exhibit versatility.

These modular displays grow into larger designs or scale down for use in smaller venues. You benefit from the ability to enhance, expand and repurpose your display to fit multiple applications.

Embrace Change in your Business…Choose a Design that Adapts

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Meet our Client: Motor Sports Association

It’s always fantastic to win a pitch against 3 other companies – especially when you’ve been the incumbent supplier for the last 6 years.

Working with the Motor Sports Association (MSA) is always an honour for us and we work closely together with a key strategic mission in mind of how to best use the space that most suits the client and its visitors to achieve maximum results.

The stand was positioned at the entrance to the venue, taking this we designed a stand that was open and acted like a funnel – the science behind this is that once on the stand you could easily manage the footfall with direction and without out interference – this meant sweeping graphics and two long meeting desks.

The next key area was how the information was displayed. Nomadic created the graphics with the full intent to supply enough content that even if you wanted to just pass through, you were comfortable enough to glean the information needed and still have the MSA experience. We also had the bonus of introducing 3 vehicles to the installation, again portraying the MSA to its full potential.

Allan Dean-Lewis kindly offered to provide his experience of this project…

As the UK National Governing Body for four wheeled motor sport, affiliated to the FIA as the World governing body, the Autosport International Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham is an important front window for ourselves and our sport – and the only exhibition where we have a significant attendance each year.

We started dealing with Nomadic back in 2008, when our ‘pole position’ stand just inside the front entrance of the exhibition was a lot smaller then it subsequently grew to, but they proved from day one to be an easy company to deal with from both a design and cost angle, with any issues pre-event being dealt with promptly and efficiently and always accurately reflecting our needs. In the first year, one of the main benefits to us (apart from a quick build capability on set-up day) was that at the end of the show we just walked away and left everything – our previous suppliers insisted we stayed on stand to do the handover, often an hour or more after the show had closed.

Since those early days, Nomadic have helped us to review our design matched to our needs on an annual basis, sometimes even saving money the following year, and their quality of imagery has gone from good to better to excellent, which is now a major enhancing feature of our stand.

And what do they say about size matters? Well it doesn’t seem so for Nomadic. Whether it was our first stand area, or the three times larger mid-term one, or the six times larger one used in 2015 for the first time, they have always come up with a structure that is fit for purpose, whether pop-up, soft sided, solid panelled or whatever. I have thought once or twice that we are at the limit of an existing design and structure only for Nomadic themselves to come up with a better solution for the following year. We also first engaged with Nomadic on a hire basis for the stand, but now over 6 years down the line we negotiated a purchase of the existing stand at a price which not only kept our Finance Director happy (quite a difficult challenge for most Finance Directors I am told) but also gives us continuity for probably at least 3 years, with just embellishments and updates to further improve year on year, which I know the team at Nomadic will help us with.

I would add that we are just a satisfied customer with Nomadic and have no other connection with them, and also we have regularly benchmarked them against other suppliers (as we did during 2014). It was to their credit that they trumped the others that we consulted with and gave us a workable basis on which we can continue our engagement for at least another 3 years. So they haven’t won and kept our business easily, but they have worked hard enough to earn it and keep it. Allan Dean-Lewis MBE, Director of
Training & Education


BIGGER Screens Make BETTER Impact

Greet prospective buyers and tell your story with digital branded content on a more compelling scale. Now you can have BIG screen presentations without sacrificing portable convenience. Our new flat screen display kit enables you to have an LED/LCD screen measuring up to 60” on the right, left or in the middle of your backwall.


This Instand® Plus 3m display packs to travel in just two cases complete with graphics, a set of lights, and a premium counter conversion kit. Just attach the monitor!

It’s easier and more affordable than ever before to upgrade your Instand® Plus presentations by adding a BIG screen.


√ compact
√ easy assembly
√ affordable price
√ quick delivery
√ lifetime warranty

You can also use the flat screen kit as a stand alone unit in your stand, or the office entryway, lobby, conference or break room, anywhere you want to share media in a BIG way.


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Optimise Your Exhibition Stand With Technology

Consumer technology has moved on at an ever-growing pace over the last few decades. These days it is possible to control your heating from your phone, pause live TV and instantly connect with celebrities on social media.

However this new technology hasn’t always spilled over into trade show displays, many of which are still largely the same as they were five years ago. This is a real shame because modern technology presents all manner of opportunities to maximize the results of your exhibition stand.

Just a few of these potential benefits can include:

• Social media and other forms of digital communication can enable you to connect with potential leads before a trade show even commences. In this way you’ll have list of warm prospects who are keen to speak to you on the day of the show.

• Gathering leads is a key aspect of many trade show exhibitions and technology can make this easier too. Touch-technology, instant messaging and social networking all make it easier than ever before to gather contact details from exhibition attendees.

• Technology can help you to demonstrate even complex products, to show testimonials and case studies and otherwise engage an audience who otherwise might pass straight on by your stand.

• Staying “front of mind” helps you to ensure that your company is the first that your leads think of when they need a solution that you offer. Increasingly sophisticated tools make it easier to maintain contact with your prospects after a show without making them feel “claustrophobic” and ensures that your messages arrive at optimal times.

To help illustrate some key ways in which technology can help to increase the results you get from your exhibition stand we opted to put together an instructional image. You are more than welcome to download the graphic for your own use, and can even publish it on your own website – so long as you credit us for the design.



How to Use Social Media to Promote your Exhibitions and Events

Even in this age of technology, exhibitions are thriving because they offer in-person, face-to-face communication. You meet people, learn about their needs, and show them how you can help them. So why not leverage the power of internet communication and technology, before and after the show? You may have the most enticing and interesting exhibition display at the show, but it’s incumbent on you to drive people to your stand.

For more tips on using social media for exhibitions, check out this free whitepaper on social media platforms.