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A Scalable Display – It Makes Perfect Sense!

With Nomadic unique modular systems you can adapt your exhibition display system to fit almost any space and application to meet your changing business demands. We design displays that reconfigurable, providing flexibility to grow into larger displays or scale down for smaller venues.

Our advanced connection system allows you to add stylish architectural elements and add functional accessories. Take a look at a range of scalable displays, including our best sellers that demonstrate the true flexibility of Nomadic Displays.

If you would like to receive a free design consultation, we would love to look at your exhibiting and events calendar and show you how you can save money by re-using your display equipment show after show! Contact Us!



Meet our Newest Client: Drink Me Chai
and Bubble Froot

Drink Me Chai, needed a stand that could be flexible to fit into spaces as diverse as a 2 x 2m for ‘foodie’ shows up to 5 x 4 m spaces at International trade shows.

In addition, they needed space to display their products and a convenient place to hide a fridge. They also needed space for consumables like cups and stirrers and counter space to serve their products from. Plus there were also 2 distinct brands – Drink Me Chai and Bubble Froot.


The Nomadic Design Team came up with the solution using Nomadic Display’s tried and tested Instand Pop-up range for the back wall displays, with built in product showcases. They also incorporated the Nomadic hard-panel suite of products to create tailor made counters that would be solid and secure to serve from and have the ability to store products and hide a fridge.


“From the first meeting with Nomadic I have found them very easy to work with. We have been with Nomadic now for a few years, and I love working with all their staff! When I turn up to an event, I know that Nomadic will be there taking care of everything, I never worry and know that my stand always looks brilliant and polished! All Nomadic staff are always ready to help with anything, and help me with any boxes I am unloading and never leave until I am satisfied, despite having to drive from London to Birmingham afterwards late afternoon! I believe every customer is taken care of with the best results!”

Louise Knott – Drink Me Chai


Client News: Cistermiser

Take a look at Cistermiser one of our latest clients…. Cistermiser have been manufacturing a range of water-efficient washroom products and solutions for over 30 years.

Richard Bolton, Brand and Product Manager for Cistermiser told us;

“In a previous role (with another company) I used Nomadic for years, so knew from experience what great customer service they provide. They have never let me down, always do what is asked, on time, on budget with no hassle at all; delivering a quality product with superb efficiency. When I joined Cistermiser it was one of the easiest decisions to bring Nomadic with me.”

Cistermiser for years had been enduring uninspiring stands in ‘shell scheme’ confines. Their broad product range that was under-represented, poorly displayed and easily overlooked. What they wanted was to break out from the shell scheme and make a much greater impact in the exhibition hall; to really stand out and make clear the scope of their offering, coupled with high brand visibility.

This had to be achieved with a tight budget and an even tighter timescale to make their first booked event. The stand had to be flexible and ‘modular ‘ to allow differing product ranges to be pick and mixed , depending on market sector / audience. The final challenge was that the stand frame had to be able to be ‘re-skinned’ in three different brand identities.

Richard stated “What we were looking for was maximum flexibility, with a great presence, plus the practicalities of portability and minimal storage space.”

After discussing their requirements with a Nomadic Display Consultant, we provided a range of previous actual examples for Cistermiser to view. They felt being able to see this ‘back catalogue’ of actual stands (rather than relying on sketches or basic renders) allowed them to easily focus on what they needed and liked but, importantly, caught their eye, therefore being able to make decisions to move the project on at the pace needed to hit their deadline.

The solution was found using Nomadic’s Instand quick to build Pop-up System. It featured a central section with added height to give extra impact from a distance along with purpose built individual product displays and integrated product headers with rear LED Lighting.

“Nomadic took our brief and supplied a design concept with speed : The subsequent stand design concepts needed very little tweaking to get to a final design and the entire turnaround time (from a concept sketch to a completed stand, on display under the lights at Alexandra Palace) took less than 5 working days. Truly impressive stuff.”

“The stand was met with great acclaim and exceeded all our expectations. The clever design and use of modern illumination elements made the stand really stand out in a busy expo hall. Many visitors to the stand came over just to see what was being offered as we stood out so strongly.”

“Staff feedback commented that customers could easily comprehend the full Cistermiser range, while staff found it just was easy to talk through products and options naturally. The show generated a notable increase in business inquiries and we are ramping up our show schedule off the back of this success.”

Richard Bolton, Brand and Product Manager, Cistermiser.



Are your exhibition graphics working hard for your brand?

Remember to promote your products and boost your brand! Whatever combination of graphics and text that you decide on, make sure that they work together to showcase the features and benefits of your products/services. When someone walks up to your stand they should know immediately: who you are and what you do. Remember, you only have 3 seconds to captivate your target audience.

When looking at your exhibition graphics, look at it from an all encompassing stand point, do your graphics: incorporate your logo, adhere to established branding guidelines, communicate your value proposition etc; all of these elements should be skilfully combined to lure in your target audience.

For more show smart tips on exhibition graphics download our whitepaper “Graphics that Work”