Questions That Qualify Prospects

Booth staff asking questions of visitors

Questions are a formidable business tool. They are the keys to unlocking many doors in any sales situation. Asking open ended questions that engage a prospect and reveal needs is a powerful way to gather buying information. Let prospects know you are interested in helping them solve their problems.

Opening questions

Find out immediately who you are talking to and where they are from. You don’t want to spend unnecessary time with visitors you cannot help.
1. "What are your main objectives for attending this show and what specific products or services are you looking for?""
2. "Tell me about the project you’re presently working on."
3. "What are some of the major challenges you’re experiencing?"

Investigating needs

Move on to more probing, business-specific questions to create the fuel for your ultimate sale.
4. "What do you like most about the product or service you are presently using and what would you like to change?""
5. "What are your top three criteria for buying?""
6. "Are you part of the buying team and, if so, what specific information are you looking for?"

Demonstrating questions

During your demonstration, keep the prospect involved and interested.
7. "What do you think of this product's performance and how does it compare with what you are currently using?"
8. "What specific concerns do you have regarding our products, services, and doing business with us?"

Closing questions

Using well prepared closing questions can help produce appropriate follow-up action.
9. "How does your company decide which vendors to work with?"
10. "What else would be important for you to know and what would you like to see as the next step?"