Exhibition Management

Exhibition Service Exhibit Management


If you need a place to store your exhibition stand between events, look no further. Your exhibition can have a permanent home in our secure facility.

For information on other locations, please contact your Display Consultant.

Inspection and Maintenance

Will your stand be ready for your next event? Items can be misplaced during breakdown down or damaged in transit. Yet you need to be confident that your stand will be as good as, if not better than, the last. So when your display returns to the warehouse, let us inspect it for you.

To keep your display in top condition, we will perform a visual examination of all parts and graphics related to your presentation for damage and repacking after each show. You will be alerted of missing or damaged components or graphics and provided with an estimate for their repair or replacement.

Avoid last minute surprises and rush fees to correct them. Ask your Display Consultant for details about how to secure return inspection and maintenance of your display.

Online Inventory

If you attend multiple events each year, own multiple display stands - - some of which may reconfigure - - and/or a variety of graphics targeted to different audiences, then you know how difficult it can be to keep track of it all. That’s why we offer our clients a powerful, web-based application to manage it all.

Get organized and streamline your logistics in a secure, online dashboard that enables you to:

  • view exhibition and events schedules across your organization
  • view an inventory list of your displays and graphics and their availability
  • order stands to be prepared for upcoming events
  • manage event budgets and calculate their ROI afterward

Information access and system use privileges may be granted to multiple individuals via user name and password. Contact your Display Consultant for details on subscribing to our time-saving system.