Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service Woman Answering Questions

Have a question? If the answer you are looking for is not found in our "Frequently Asked Questions" below then contact our Customer Care team toll free at 07000 246222 between 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday.

Q. How fast can I get a display?
A. Nomadic “Best Seller” displays ship in 7 business days following approval of your graphics. Lead times for custom portable and custom modular display designs range by size and complexity. Ask your Display Consultant about delivery details for your design.

Q. Where can I buy Nomadic displays and graphics?
A. From a Nomadic Sales Office or any one of over 200 partners strategically located in 34 countries around the world. You may also call us toll free at 07000 246222.

Q. How do I order replacement parts for my Nomadic display?
A. Contact your local Nomadic distributor.

Q. How do I have my display repaired?
A. Request a "Goods Return"

Q. How do I hire an exhibit?
A. Nomadic has a rental division located in located in Las Vegas and London dedicated to providing rental services; display design, graphic production and labour services. Go to Exhibition Rentals to search hundreds of priced rental solutions. Nomadic's rental designers can easily modify existing rental kits or they can draw from the extensive inventory of rental components to create new designs specific to your needs.

Q. Does Nomadic provide Storage and I&D services?
A. Yes. Most Nomadic sales offices offer storage and storage services for Nomadic display owners. Contact your Nomadic representative to learn about availability and pricing.