Why Buy Nomadic

Why buy from Nomadic Display ?

So why buy from Nomadic Display? Well as the world’s leading producer of high-quality custom modular and portable Exhibition displays, we have helped businesses like yours around the world produce dynamic selling environments. Whether you exhibit in smaller local events or large international shows, Nomadic pop up displays, backlit fabric displays, free standing displays , counter range and accessories enable you to effectively communicate your message with visual impact while building your brand.

We offer a complete range of Exhibition stands from island stands to table top displays. Browse our exhibition designs and services to learn more about what we can do for you.

Arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Display Consultant to learn how the right exhibition stands can make a significant impact on your next event.

Description & Mission Statement


Nomadic Display is a leading manufacturer and designer of an award winning exhibition and  display equipment, delivering solutions for live events.  We focus on providing modular and  reconfigurable solutions that are tailored to each individual client’s requirement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build long term parnerships with our customers by truely understanding their short and long term event requirements.   We aim to deliver industry leading solutions that offer true impact, efficency and economy with the ultimate goal to ensure our clients achieve their objectives.



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What we offer

Award-winning design

To appeal to your target audience’s interests, your presentation must effectively communicate who you are, what you do and how your company can help them. As one of the world’s most experienced and best-known brands, Nomadic has earned over 15 awards for designs and presentations.


Lower ownership costs

Our smart custom modular, custom portable, rental and graphic solutions can dramatically reduce your operational and ownership expenses. Nomadic exhibition stands are designed to help you stretch your budget. Because our display systems are lighter in weight you save on storage and transportation. Many of our solutions are also swift to set-up so you save on set up costs.


Nomadic modular exhibition stands are designed to change and grow to meet your changing business demands. Break them down into smaller display stands or repurpose them to form larger ones.

“We are a small business but always strive to project a loud voice and a big image. Nomadic add huge value to us in being able to support us in the design and implementation of innovative, striking and effective communication to our markets. The acid test is would we recommend Nomadic to a friend.. yes, without hesitation.”

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-Simon Zamnet, Protect-a-Bed-

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What we do

Vivid exhibition display graphics

Nomadic produces attention-getting graphic images for exhibition displays. You can trust Nomadic to deliver the highest quality graphics. Our high performance printing process yields a deep colour saturation so you get higher definition images and more vivid, vibrant graphics.

Durable construction

Nomadic exhibition stands are made in our own manufacturing plant using the highest quality materials including aircraft grade, drawn aluminium and impact resistant polycarbonates. We employ state-of-the-art processes such as welding, thermoforming, and rotational moulding to fabricate our products. And every Nomadic display stand is inspected to ensure it meets our rigid quality control standards before shipment.

24-7 support after-the-sale

If you encounter a problem on the road, you need to get help fast. That’s why Nomadic introduced the LifeLine – – the first global emergency hotline to ensure every effort is made for your show to be a success.

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