Backlit Fabric Exhibition Counters

BrightWall backlit counters are more than just an exhibition accessory.

Stand out from the crowd at busy retail, exhibition or sales events with our BrightCounter range.

Maximise the impact with our double width BrightCounter and tailor it to your needs with our range of colours and accessories while still enjoying the advantages of our quick assembly and packing system.

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Exhibition Counters for product samples and sales demonstrations

BrightWall backlit counters are more than just an exhibition accessory.

Single sided backlit modular counter range
Extra modules for backlit modular counters
Double sided backlit modular counter range

All our exhibition counters are designed so that they cater for your evolving exhibition, demonstration or sales needs. Every Nomadic Display solution you purchase can grow over time as your needs change to suit your event whether it is a product sampling day or presentation event.

Curved counters can be integrated with flat modules or used on their own to create unique configurations and solutions. Our BrightCounter exhibiton range is diverse enough to cater for any display requirement but also portable, well designed and long lasting.

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Practical exhibition counters for use at every exhibition, conference or promotional event you attend.

Nomadic Display BrightCounters are designed to compliment the professional image of your business.


Assembled in as little as 15minutes, our backlit fabric stands ensure a simple, quick and stress free setup!

Whether you are aware of it or not, counters are a key part of every exhibition stand.

Used primarily as secure storage areas, stations to interact with customers or product demonstration resources, backlit exhibition counters take the simple concept of a counter and increase its use.