Exhibition Stand Hire

Why exhibition stand hire may be a ideal option…

If you are a first-time exhibitor and want to try before you buy or budgets are tight, hiring a stand can be a great option.  Without limiting design we can provide exhibition stand hire for your exhibition without long term commitment.

While purchasing a stand makes sense if you are doing multiple show or events per year, for one off shows hiring is a cost effective option.  We also offer clients an option to purchase their stand after they have tired it out at a reduced cost, removing the hire price from the total purchase price.

Most of our pre-designed stands are available for hire and purchase so why not have browse!


We’ll make the process easy!

Our experienced Display consultants will take time to understand your requirements and work with our Design Team to create a unique stand and that reflects your brand identity.  We can provide you with a fully installed or self build display in any location, nationally or internationally.


What if you already own a Nomadic Display but want to go bigger for just one event?

For existing clients who already own a Nomadic Display but want  to do a one off larger event we can look at what you already have a come up with a new design incorporating the elements you already own and add on hire elements to create a brand new look and feel to your existing display.