Design Studio

We create environments that connect you with your audience

The most elegant and enticing way to get people in front of you is with a custom modular design from our Design Studio. Our exhibition designers develop creative display solutions designed to build your brand, drive interaction with your target audience and support your overall business strategies.

red tick within 100mm squareOur Design team will use the latest 3D CAD software to develop a custom modular solution tailored to your clients needs


red tick within 100mm squareA detailed quote is provided with each design

  • Your quote is itemised to include each element included in the design and the layout enables you to identify the price of each component in the design.

Let our Display Consultants take your brief or send it to us and our Design Team will do the rest!

Our Design Studio is a team of exhibition designers whose primary mission is to translate your marketing goals into effective three-dimensional selling environments. Whether you need a backwall design or a large custom island display, you can depend on Nomadic’s Design Studio to make your progamme a success.

Take a look at the gallery to give you ideas and identify ones that meet your specific criteria, from your own desktop. Or select from the exhibition designs we have created, or use them as a starting point to request your own custom design.




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