Design Examples

Backlit Fabric Stands that are modern, elegant and make your trade show exhibition stand out at any event or location.

If you step onto any exhibition floor you will notice that LED backlighting is taking over the display industry. Not limited to any one type or size of exhibition stand, LED backlit fabric stands come in a variety of widths and heights to suit any exhibition design. 

The versatility and durability of the BrightWall 2 Backlit display units even mean they can be used outside of the traditional exhibition or trade show locations to include airports, car showrooms, restaurants . . . The only limitation is your imagination.  

Consider a single sided or double option to be the focus of your island stand or corner display area. Integrate with other Nomadic Display products to create more eye catching displays that can be assembled or taken down quickly and easily.

Our experienced and qualified design team will be able to advise you on the best way to make use of backlit fabric stand technology