Design Solutions

Nomadic Display Design Solutions combine all that is good about the Nomadic pop up Instand range – ease, portability and modularity.

Curved and flat pop-up or portable displays from Nomadic Display are lightweight, durable, portable, easy to install and disassemble. They are combined into unique designs to create eye catching, long lasting displays for customers worldwide. 

By connecting frames together, truly unique and customised environments can be created to suit each and every event. No other system offers you the same lifetime of versatility and opportunity.

The system features large, custom printed graphic areas to display your graphics. We also offer a  case to counter options – a convenient podium with additional branding for storage or presentation.

Nomadic pop up stands are simple exhibition display systems to set up, yet they also have unique modularity to grow with each exhibition attended. They be combined with other straight Nomadic Display pop up products or other fabric or LED display products. That means you can combine these displays in a variety of ways in conjunction with many different components for a completely customized trade show display.

If your display ever fails to function properly, for any reason, Nomadic will repair or replace the frame or magnetic mounting system, free of charge, with no questions asked!