P32 Nomadic Instand Plus Pop Up Exhibition Design System
P32 Nomadic Instand Plus Pop Up Exhibition Design System

P32 Flat Pop Up Display System


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Nomadic’s series of flat pop up frames are lightweight, easy to transport and convenient to setup. The P32 Nomadic Instand Flat Pop Up Display System is part of the original member of the Nomadic Instand family and is an excellent choice for events and exhibitions with it’s clean lines and sturdy construction. More than 40 years after it was first invented the Plus Pop Up Series along with the Nomadic Instand Classic Pop Up Series continues to be the standards by which other pop up displays are measured and judged.

Our high quality display system boasts an extensive range of accessories that can be added to or adapted to meet your changing marketing needs.

The reputation of the P32 Nomadic Instand Plus Pop Up Exhibition Design System for quality is legendary and offers you:

  • Self-locking technology for the fastest set-up
  • Crossbracing throughout for superior stability
  • Tempered steel-on-steel hubs ensure maximum strength at all critical, high stress joints
  • Polar opposite magnet-to-magnet mounting ensures panels self-align with seamless precision every time
  • In fact, Instand is so well engineered, we back it with our exclusive, “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty. If Instand ever fails to function, for any reason, Nomadic will repair or replace it FREE of charge for as long as you own it.

Available in a range of casing options and with numerous upgrades including LED lights the system can be customised to suit your unique sales and exhibition display needs.

For a unique demonstration of the true versatility of the Nomadic Instand Pop Up Series please view our video here

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Floor Size:
Dimensions – 2.36m H x 2.15m W x 0.35m D