Pop-up Portable Display Stand
Big Hand Exhibition Stand pop up counter Instand
Pop-up Portable Display Stand
Big Hand Exhibition Stand pop up counter Instand

Scalable and Portable Display Stand


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This scalable and pop-up portable display stand provides a truly versatile approach to exhibiting.  This scalable display can scale up and down in size for a number of locations and events.  Scalable displays offer unique value with their ability to adapt to your changing business demands.  Nomadic led a revolution by engineering our product lines to integrate with on another to deliver a lifetime of exhibit versatility.  You benefit from the ability to enhance, expand and reconfigure your display to fit multiple applications.

The success of the Nomadic Instand range has been a testament to the practicality of the system as even today it continues to deliver professional, high impact graphic presentations that are compact, lightweight and easy to set-up. The Nomadic Instand pop up display ranges save you time and money on storage, transportation and labour.

Its easy to understand why Instand is still the world’s most popular pop up. Instand’s reputation for quality is legendary and offers you:

  • Self-locking technology for the fastest set-up
  • Crossbracing throughout for superior stability
  • Tempered steel-on-steel hubs ensure maximum strength at all critical, high stress joints
  • Polar opposite magnet-to-magnet mounting ensures panels self-align with seamless precision every time
  • In fact, Instand is so well engineered, we back it with our exclusive, “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty. If Instand ever fails to function, for any reason, Nomadic will repair or replace it FREE of charge for as long as you own it.
Our range of accessories can also be added to various functions to your display.